26 Mar. (indexed twice) J McNinch and John McNinch, Residence, Virginia [1] [2]

(document) pg.144 / (top of page) "March 24, 1868" (probably a court record book?)

(25?) (26?) "Names of Witnesses - case of John Mcninch + George Taylor and John

McIninch + (?Moses) Powell" (list) "George Taylor" / "John Geher" / "Joseph Lewis" /

"Dr Wright" / "Moses Powell" / "Elizah Powell" / "Charles" (surname?) / "Mrs Wilson" /

"Scott Powell" (the name and location of this court is not specified on pages 144-145)

(analysis) this is probably the same John McNinch case, 22 Jan., 10 Mar., 24 Mar.,

and 26 Mar. "Hustings Court Augusta County” and/or "Hustings Court, Staunton"?


18 June (indexed) "Jefferson Aninch", Pension, Natchez, Adams, Mississippi [1] [2]

(document) list of dates and 'S' surnames ("Jefferson" "Aninch" not found on this sheet)

(document, title page) "NARA Roll 40, Target 2, Registers of Claimants Volume I (230),

Jan. 1869";"Jefferson Aninch" not found on surname pages for ‘A’, ‘J’, nor ‘M’ names.


25 Mar. (indexed "Dorinda McNinch") "No. 5725", Savannah, Chatham, Georgia [1]

(document) (account) "No. 5725" for "Robert McNish" (age) 63, Carpenter

Wife "Henriettes McNish" / "Poloda Thompson dau." / "Dorinda McNinch dau."

Signature "Robert 'X'(his mark) McNinch" (there is no date on this account record;

however, the previous record and the next record are both dated "March 25, 1871")

Notes and Sources


"U.S., Freedmen's Bureau Records" and "Freedmen's Bank Records”, 1865-1878

FamilySearch  http://www.discoverfreedmen.org


"U.S., Freedmen's Bureau Records" and "Freedmen's Bank Records”, 1865-1878

ancestry.com  https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/freedmenbureaurecords


Hustings Courts, named after similar courts in England, were a system of courts unique

to eighteenth and nineteenth century Virginia. They administered to independent cities,

serving as the equivalent of county courts, adjudicating matters of lands and chattels,

debts, and contracts. See the Library of Virginia document

"Guide to the Staunton (Va.) Hustings Court Records, 1802-1922"

https://ead.lib.virginia.edu/vivaxtf/view?docId=lva/vi04362.xml and George Wythe



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