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      McAninch Family History Newsletter

                                        Volume XXX (30), Number 2, November 26, 2022

    A clearinghouse for McAninch and related surnames (McAninch/McIninch/McNinch(sh))

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Three slices of McA/I/Nninch and American history, in chronological order

From the 18th Century, late 1700s

James McAninch (b.ca.1786, b.Pennsylvania?), Kentucky and Tennessee

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From the 19th Century, after the American Civil War

McA/I/Ninch in Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedmen’s Bank Records

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And from the 20th Century, Thomas P. McIninch during the Cold War

Thomas P. McIninch, Cold War A-12s, "The Oxcart Story", and the C.I.A.

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Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland

In September, this year, we went on a two-week coach tour through Ireland (Republic of Ireland),

Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), and Scotland (U.K.). Great trip, good weather, degenerating

into cold and damp at the end, in Edinburgh, with nothing new in the family genealogy search.

Our route took us north into County Donegal, into Derry on the River Foyle, through Coleraine,

into County Antrim, through Bushmills to the Giant’s Causeway, and then riding the ferry from

Larne across the North Channel to Scotland. Had 4 or 5 different people ask about our surname,

said that it originally came from Clan MacInnes, which got instant 'clan' recognition in Scotland.

Although it was really good to see the area where our Ulster-Scot McA/I/Ninch ancestors came

from, we have no illusions about mid-1700s research over there, and have told many people that

seeing the country across Derry/Londonderry, Coleraine, Bushmills, northern County Antrim,

and the Giant's Causeway is as close as we can come to visiting our ancestral origins at this time

(e.g. Daniel McAninch, born 1748-1752 in Ireland; we believe that Daniel was born in northern

County Antrim, although names of parents, exact date of birth, and exact location are unknown).


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