McA/I/Ninch in Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedmen’s Bank Records

What Was the Freedmen’s Bureau? Emancipation freed nearly 4 million slaves.

The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to help transition them from slavery to

citizenship, providing food, housing, education, and medical care. And for the

first time in U.S. history, the names of those individuals were systematically recorded

and preserved for future generations. [1]

There are 13 (possible) McA/I/Ninch entries indexed in these records, listed below.

There appear to be multiple records for some people (A.N. McNinch was indexed twice,

although he is not associated with the first document, and there are multiple records for

J. and John McNinch / McNench). Thus, it is not clear how many different people were

actually recorded in the Freedmens Bureau and Freedmens Bank records between 1865

and 1872. Congress voted to extend the Freedmen's Bureau twice, in 1865 and 1866;

however the Freedmen’s Bureau ended abruptly in 1872.

The 13 (possible) McA/I/Ninch records are listed in chronological order below.


2 Oct. (indexed "J J Mcninch"), Court, District of Chester, South Carolina [1] [2]

(document) "Recognizances of" "R. D. White" "J. J. McNinch" "Wm M. McDermott"

(document, second page) . . . "2nd day of October" . . . 1865 . . . "appeared R. B. White,

J. J. McNinch, and Wm McDonnald" . . . "acknowledged themselves indebted to the

State of South Carolina" . . . "Five Hundred" (dollars) . . .


1865-1872 (indexed "Aninch") Employment, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana [1] [2]

(document) No. "44" "James S. (Mc?) Aninch" (poss. 'Mc' under ink smear) (age) 24

Blackman & Shackleford, Planters, La (Louisiana) (no date nor location on this sheet)


27 Mar. (indexed twice) McNinch and J McNinch, Residence, Virginia [1] [2]

(document) pg. 55 "62 . . . "Staunton Mar 27 / 68" . . . "Charlottesville" . . . "George

Taylor plaintiff in McNinch case" . . . (court record, "Staunton", Virginia, on page 54)


7 May (indexed) "Catherine Mc*An" (sic), Residence Greenville, South Carolina [1]

(document) (title at the top of the page) "South Carolina Greenville District

Saluda Battalion company book no. 4 a list of the needy in said book" . . .

(in the list) . . . "Catherine Mc(A?J?P?)"(sp?) (age) 35 "has charge of her brother"


13 June (indexed "Martha McNinch") 40, Residence Greenville, South Carolina [1] [2]

(document, two-page list) "List of the destitute and needy in the Adam Jones Beat"

McNinch not found on two-page list ("Martha Pool and "Martha Pack", no McNinch)


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