"McA/I/Ninch 1881-1911 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records",


(1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 Census Records); MFHN v.XXV n.2 June 2017 pg.2017-26



"1901 Census and 1911 Census, County Antrim, Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland",


Three McAninch families (Alexander, Daniel and wife Ellen, and Jane and son Samuel)

. . . in both 1901 and 1911 census records; MFHN v.XXI n.4 October 2013 p.2013-36



[Ref.] partition: "Republic of Ireland" (23 counties) and "Northern Ireland" (6 counties)

('N.I.' is part of the U.K., the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland")

Ireland (Irish Free State, 1922)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Ireland

Northern Ireland (1921)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Northern_Ireland


McA/I/Ninch in The Surnames of Ireland, Edward MacLysaght, M.A. D.Litt. M.R.I.A.;


"McAninch" is on page 6: "Mac Aninch, -Inch, -Ninch Ulster variants of the

Scottish MacInnes", also "Mac Inch see Mac Aninch" and "Mac Ninch see Mac Aninch"

(1964) Originally published under the title Guide to Irish surnames, Dublin, 1964.

(1989) 6th Edition, reprint by Irish Academic Press Limited, Blackrock, County Dublin

ISBN 0716523663 9780716523666 0716523671 9780716523673 / OCLC 271602545

Edward MacLysaght  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_MacLysaght

and Note [50] at  https://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn21y2013/m21p28w6.htm


Letter, 31 March 1965, from Edward MacLysaght, Chairman of the Irish Manuscripts


Commission, Dublin, to Lt. F. L. McAninch, U.S. Navy -

Commisiun Laimhscribhinni na Eireann   (harp logo)   Irish Manuscripts Commission

73 Cearnog Mhuirbhthean                        Telephone:       73 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Baile Atha Cliath 2                                    Dublin 61610                       March 31, 1965

(to) Lt. F. L. McAninch                        (Frank Leo McAninch, U.S. Navy; see Note 1)

(addressed) U.S.S. Holland, A.S. 32, c/o Post Office, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.

Dear Sir - In reply to your enquiry I must tell you that McAninch is a rare name in

Ireland; it does not appear at all in the current telephone directories for the Republic

or the six counties of Northern Ireland. McAinsh does, once, in the case of a firm of

sawmillers in Co. Tipperary, established I believe by a Scotsman of that name.

McAinsh is a synonym of McAninch, and both derive from McInnes (in Irish Gaelic

Mac Aonghuis), the name of a well known Scottish clan. I have not met the name in

early Irish records. I happen to have here the complete birth registrations for the years

1864, ’65, ’66 and in those three years there are 3 entries for McAninch, all at

Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, in which area there are a number of names of Scottish origin.

Yours truly, /s/ E. MacLysaght, Chairman               P.S. McAinsh does not

appear at all in the registrations referred to, and McInnes only once, in Belfast.

[1] Frank Leo McAninch, born 1930, Nebraska, died 2018, San Diego, California;

Lt. Cmdr, U.S. Navy, Korea and Vietnam (a different Frank McAninch, not this editor)


Updates: More McA/I/Ninch Events, 1600s to 1900s in (northern) Ireland / June 2022

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