Griffiths Valuation, updated list, 25 names / Townland / Parish / Barony / County / Notes


Archibald M'Ininch     Lisnagunoque Lower    Parish Billy         Cary        Antrim   [1][3]

Daniel McNinch          Ballynagard    Culfeightrin          Barony Cary        Antrim   [3]

Daniel McNinch          Ballyvoy         Culfeightrin          Barony Cary        Antrim   [3]

David M'Aninch jun.   Dunaghy         Ballymoney          Upper Dunluce    Antrim   [1][3]

David M'Aninch sen.   Dunaghy         Ballymoney          Upper Dunluce    Antrim   [1][3]

J. McNinch                  Larne Cross Street      Larne        Glenarm Upper    Antrim   [3]

James M'Aninch          Carnlea           Kirkinriola            Lower Toome      Antrim   [1][3]

James Maninch            Hightown       Kilwaughter          Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

Jane Mininch (M'I?)    Ballyboley      Ballycor                Upper Antrim      Antrim   [1]

John M'Aninch            Tullybane        Derrykeighan       Lower Dunluce    Antrim   [1][3]

John M'Aninch            Calheme          Ballymoney          Upper Dunluce    Antrim   [1][3]

John M'Aninch            Greenshields Upper    Ballymoney    Upper Dunluce   Ant.    [1][3]

John M'Aninch            Bushtown        Macosquin           Coleraine     Londonderry   [1][4]

John M'Ininch             Ballyvennox     Macosquin           Coleraine     Londonderry   [1]

John M'Manninch       Rory's Glen      Kilwaughter         Upper Glenarm     Antrim   [1]

John Macaninch          Coleraine          Killowen              Coleraine    Londonderry    [1]

John Maninch              Boydstown       Kilwaughter         Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

John Maninch              Hightown         Kilwaughter         Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

John Maninch              Moordyke        Kilwaughter          Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

John McAninch           Agnes St.          Shankill                Belfast                 Antrim     [2]

Patrick M'Ininch          Bushmills         Parish Billy          Barony Cary         Antrim   [1][3]

Robert Maninch           Ballycraigy       Larne                   Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

Robert Maninch           Ballyboley     Ballycor?/Larne?    Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

William M'Ninch         Larne                Kilwaughter         Upper Glenarm    Antrim   [1][3]

William McInch Rev.      Dundalk         Dundalk              Upper Dundalk    Co. Louth   [1]


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five families, 25 names, and all five of the 'Heads of Household's were born in Ireland



Updates: More McA/I/Ninch Events, 1600s to 1900s in (northern) Ireland / June 2022

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