1863, 05 Dec.

[12 months later] enrolled Company E, 128th Regiment, Indiana Infantry,



at Wheeler, [Porter County], Indiana, for 3 years



Description: age 18, 5’ 5”, complexion fair, eyes blue, hair dark,



born Licking Co., Ohio, occupation Farmer 



[age 18, Sylvester born 1845/1846, (1850 and 1860 census), but, Licking Co., Ohio?]




1863, 19 Dec.

Muster in, Michigan City [La Porte Co., Indiana (adjacent to Porter Co.)]



(on muster rolls as McAninch, McAnnich, McAnish, McAmish,



McAnich, McAnarch, Mcbride, McCunch, and Sylvester S. Cunch)





1864, 15 Jan.

Appointed Corporal [presumably, 128th Indiana still in Training status]





1864, March

Left for Nashville, Tenn., March 23; to Charleston, Tenn., April 5-24, 1864.





1864, May

Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign, May 1 to Sept. 8 [Sherman’s “March to the Sea”]





1864, Nov.

Nashville Campaign, Nov.-Dec. [Columbia, Franklin, Nashville, Tenn. River]





1864, 31 Dec.

Promoted to 5th Sergeant





1865, Feb.

[Feb. to June] detailed with Ambulance Train, 1st Division, 23rd Army Corps



[Muster Roll: “Entitled to pay as Serg. from Dec. 31 / 64 to June 30 / 65”]





1865, March

Campaign of the Carolinas. [Kingston, Goldsboro, Charlotte, Raleigh]





1865, April

Surrender of Johnston. Duty at Goldsboro and Raleigh till April, 1866.





1865, 30 June

Promoted to 3rd Sergeant [Company E, 128th Regiment, Indiana Infantry]





1866, 10 Apr.

Muster-out at Raleigh, North Carolina



last paid to Dec. 31, 1865 -- [amount] due soldier $1.74





1881, 15 Sep.

[15 years later] Declaration for Original Invalid Pension,



resident of Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota.



Winter 1861 and 1862 at Chicago, contracted measles,.



eyes became diseased and weakened, treated Regimental Hospital, Chicago



September 1862, from the effects of hard riding with a heavy sabre and



pistols about his waist, contracted a weakness and disease of the spine and of the kidneys, treated at Hospital at Benton Barracks, Missouri, disability discharged.


1864, while on duty with Regiment under General Sherman in Georgia, got far in advance of supplies, necessary to travel unshod over stones, etc., became footsore, broken down and unable to travel.



Totally disabled for hard labor and ½ for any manual labor.



Lived in Indiana, Michigan, and now 121 7th St. N.E., Minneapolis.





1883, 25 Jan.

Surgeon General report – admitted to Hospital, Benton Barracks, Oct. 5, 1862, with diarrhea, discharged from service Dec. 22, 1862. No other records on file.





1883, 27 Sep.

War Department, Adjutant General’s Office. [two service reports] Sylvester McArmick, enrolled Co. G, 9th Ill. Cav., disability discharge – nature not



stated. Sylvester McAninch, enrolled Co. E, 128th Ind. – no evidence of injuries.




1895, 25 Apr.

Declaration for Invalid Pension: Sylvester McAninch, age 48, lives at 208 Central, Minneapolis. Reasons: Rheumatism, tender feet, result of service;



rupture on right side incurred in 1892 by shutting down a wheel in Pillsbury Mill.




McAninch Family History NL, V-4  November, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-35


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