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Volume V, Number 4, November 6, 1997. Re-printed November, 1999.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

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Miscellaneous info, Nuggets from recent letters

page 1997-26

(Alaska, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Saturn, Tennessee)


[show all, including Alaska, Kentucky, and Saturn (Cassini); rev. Aug. 2003 /fm]




Daniel and William McA/Ninch, Greene County, Tennessee, 1796-1797

page 1997-29



Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery, Franklin Twp, Hendricks Co., Indiana

page 1997-31

[Forward Reference: "Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery", MFHN v.XI n.3 July pg.2003-18;

 research report (online), www.McAninch.Net/genphcem, note added June 2003 Frank McAninch]



Sylvester Danley McA., Union Veteran, Two Units, Two States, 18 Spellings

page 1997-34



Elisha H. McAninch, of Pittsburgh, Penn. (born Sept. 1841, died after 1908)

page 1997-37



The Editor’s Corner


Welcome, to our new members, and to the 4th-quarter “bonus” issue, double the normal size. “All the news that fits, we print”, or something like that. There’s new data here from early Tennessee, 1796-97,

a William McNinch marriage, and two Daniel McAninch land records, Greene County, eastern Tenn.!


Also, lots of new info from Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, and, the only document known

for the Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery, Hendricks County, Indiana (lost, plowed under in 1967).


And welcome to Dr. Richard M. Cochran, Ph.D., 1332 Sabrina Court, Brick, New Jersey 08724-7132,

who sent a copy of hand-written “Family Record, by Hazel M. Houser” (“Property of Alice M. Quay”).

Hazel was a great-grand-daughter of James Washington McAninch and Barbara McLain/McLean, with

dates from “Agnes Cornell born April 6, 1767” to “Feb. 4, 1955”, all written in the middle 20th century.


In the last issue, the Civil War service record of Sylvester “McAnaich”, 9th Illinois Cavalry, led directly

to the Sylvester Danley McAninch article in this issue. Nancy Emery recognized Sylvester, and sent his

pension file – he served in two Units, from two States, recorded under (at least) 18 different spellings!


There’s new genealogy software running here – The Master Genealogist (TMG), from Wholly Genes,

Elk Ridge, Maryland. Powerful database, handles Sources and Repositories, chronological (time line)

presentations for all individuals, built-in Narrative reports, export directly to word processor files, and

lots more. Outgrew PAF 2.31, and wanted more than the few new features in PAF 3.0. Transferred all

data direct (no GEDCOM losses), up and running in 10 minutes. Will report further in the near future.


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