Daniel McAninch and William McNinch, Greene County, Tennessee, 1796-1797


There are three recently-discovered sightings of two different McA/Ninch males in Greene County,

Eastern Tennessee, in 1796 and 1797. Greene County was formed in 1783, set off from Washington

County, Tennessee; Greene Co. adjoins North Carolina’s Burke Co. (1790) and Buncombe Co. (1800).


I. Marriage, 7 Oct. 1796, in three secondary sources, “William McNinch to Doshea(ia) Dosey”


A. “McNinch, William, to Doshia Dosey (416), John Newman, Sec.[security] (State of Tenn.)” [1]

A. 1. Each document had been given a number and recorded in a book by persons employed by the Tennessee Historical Records Survey in the 1930’s [WPA?]. Hence, the number “416”.

A. 2. Tennessee was admitted as the 16th State, June 1, 1796, hence, the note “(State of Tenn.)”


B. “416. October 7, 1796 William McNinch [sic] -- Doshea Dosey [sic] -- John Newman” [2, 12]

B. 1. Author's forward [Goldene Fillers Burgner] says “marriages were taken from the original licenses and bonds in the County Court Office of Greeneville, Tennessee”.


C. “McNinch, William, to Doshea Dosey - October 7, 1796, Security: John Newman Greene” [3]


Could this be the William McAninch who first appears in Lincoln County, Kentucky, on the 1797

Tax Book, whose wife’s maiden name is given as “Laodieca Rawson” by their grand-children? [4]


In his Will, Feb. 15, 1813, transcribed by the court clerk, his wife’s name is spelled “Ladosha” and “Ladisha”; he also names his five male children: James, Jonathan, William, Samuel, and Jesse. [5]


II. Land Purchase, Daniel McAninch, 100 acres on Little Sinking Creek, 55 pounds Virginia currency


[left margin notes] “Conveyance, Jonathan Williams to Daniel McAninch for 100 acres of land on the north side of Nolachukey River [and] registered in book [unreadable] page 43”


“This indenture made this 14th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six between Jonathan Williams of Grainger County and State of Tennessee of the one part and Daniel McAninch of Greene County and State aforesaid of the other part ... for ... fifty-five pounds Virginia currency by the said McAninch in hand paid to the said Williams land containing one hundred acres in the County of Greene and State aforesaid on the North side of Nolachukey River

Beginning at two maple saplings and two ashes on the side of a branch of Little Sinking Creek hence East fifty-four poles to a stake then North sixty-two poles to a white oak then east one hundred and twelve poles to a post oak then North seventy-seven poles to stake on Thomas [Hunt? Kraft?] old line then west one hundred and sixty-six poles to a stake on [unreadable name] former tract then south to the beginning ...

In witness whereof the said Jonathan Williams hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written.


Prepared, sealed and delivered in the presence of us

Jonathan Williams  {seal}

[Witnesses]: [unreadable] Ellin [Elliss?], [and] Samuel Frazier

[add [Elliss?] Nov. 9, ’97 /fm]

Greene County Court  August Session 1797


[recorded August, 1797]

Then was the execution of this deed being



duly proven in court let it be Registered

Attest Daniel Kennedy CGC  [6, 7, 12]


[add Note [12], Nov. 9, 1997 /Frank McAninch]



McAninch Family History NL, V-4  November, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-29


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