Sylvester McAninch, Union Veteran –


Two Units, Two States, and 18 Different Name Spellings !




Acknowledgment: Much of the information presented here was researched originally


by Nancy Emery [1], especially his pension file, although this article is my responsibility.


Sylvester Danley McAninch was born circa 1846, Crawford County, Ohio. He was the second son of John (?Bunyan) and Elizabeth (McLain/McClean) McAninch, who came from central Pennsylvania.


John McAninch married Miss McClean [sic] in 1833, according to the Path Valley Presbyterian Church records, Path Valley, Franklin County (adjacent to Huntingdon County), Pennsylvania [2]. From later census records, John was born 1801-1803, and Elizabeth was born 1814-1815, both in Pennsylvania.


In the 1840 census, John McAninch is still in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two daughters [4]. Circa 1840-1841, they moved to Ohio; the 1850 census finds them in Crawford County, Ohio, listed as “John McWinch” [McWench?] [5], with 3 children, youngest is Sylvester Danley, age 4.


Between 1850-1854, they moved to Indiana; in the 1860 census they are in Porter County, Indiana [6].

John McAninch, spelled correctly, age 59, his wife, Eliza, age 46, and Sylvester, age 14, born in Penn.

(Porter County is in the north-west corner of Indiana, on Lake Michigan; Valparaiso is the county seat). “John McIninch” [sic] and Elizabeth are still in Porter County in the 1870 census, without Sylvester [7]


During the Civil War, Sylvester served in units from two states (Illinois’ 9th Cavalry, and then Indiana’s 128th Infantry Regiment), mustered-out in April, 1866 (1866, not 1865), and collected his pension later, in Minneapolis. The following chronology of events is based on his pension file [8] and other sources.


1861, 10 Sep.

Enrolled as Private, Capt. Buel’s Co., Company G, 9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry, at Valparaiso [Porter County], Indiana, for 3 years



Description: age 19, 5’ 3”, light complexion, eyes blue, hair light, born Ohio, occupation Farmer  [lied about his age?]





1861, 09 Oct.

Muster in (on rolls as McAninch, McAnnich, McAnich)





1861, 30 Nov.

According to the Regimental History [9], Company G was organized as an



Independent Company (not from a specific county); the 9th Cavalry mustered


in November 30, 1861, and moved from Chicago to Benton Barracks, Missouri.




1862, May

Attached to Steele’s Division, District of Southeast Missouri, to May, 1862





1862, July

Unattached Cavalry, Curtis’ Army of Southwest Missouri, to July 1862.





1862, Sept.

District of Eastern Arkansas, Department of Missouri, to December 1862.





1862, 30 Sep.

Sent to hospital at Benton Barracks, Missouri [St. Louis]





1862, 20 Dec.

Discharged [from 9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry] for disability, Benton Barracks, St. Louis [Missouri] – valvular [sic] disease of heart, pulmonic direct murmur and second sound at apex, some edema of feet.





1861 / 1862

“McAnaich, Sylvester, 9th Illinois Cavalry, Company G, [mustered in ] Pvt.,



[out] Pvt.”, original “McAnneck, Sylvester”, also “McAnnick” and “McAnnench”




1861 / 1862

“McAnonck [sic], Sylvester  [Co.] G  9 Cav  [Residence] Union, Indiana”



[official records, Adjutant General of the State of Illinois, spelled “McAnonck”; believe that Residence was actually “Union Township”, (Porter County), Indiana].




McAninch Family History NL, V-4  November, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-34


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