1895, 30 Oct.

Affidavit by T. C. Hughes, age 46, knew Claimant 14 years, also employed



Pillsbury “A” Mills. Affidavit by George Kittridge, age 31, same as above.






1898, 15 Jan.

Questions [information to be provided by claimant]



Wife: Ida Geneiva Hunter, married April 1874, Michigan



living children:

Harry?James/?Vance b. Aug. 24, 1876



Orvil Sylvester  b. Dec. 29, 1878

Frank Leroy  b. April 30, 1885



Mable Geneiva  b. Aug. 15, 1890

Edna Louise  b. Nov. 12, 1895






1915, 05 Mar.

Questions [information to be provided by claimant]



born – 1842, Crawford Co., Ohio

[“age 19” in 1861?]



address on enlistment – Wheeler Station, Porter Co. [Indiana]



married – 1874, Berrien Co., Michigan 



no previous marriages for either [husband or wife]; wife is dead



all children:

?H.?J. McAninch  b. Aug. 24, 1876



Orvil?S.  b. Dec. 29, 1878

Frank?Leroy   b. April 30, 1885



Mable Cummings  b. Aug. 15, 1890

Edna Louise?Bay  b. Nov. 12, 1895






1919, 14 Jan.

Dept. of Commerce




[found] 1860 census schedule for McAninch, Porter Co., Ind. [1860, “McAninch”]


No records found 1850.

[1850, indexed “McWinch”]






1926, 30 Jun.

Drop Report – Pensioner died June 18, 1926.



Last paid $72 per month in June.





[End of Pension File]



Source Notes:

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McAninch Family History NL, V-4  November, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-36


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