McAninch Family, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania


Article published in the book Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, History, by the Jefferson County 

Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., Brookville, Pennsylvania, pub. 1980’s[’82?], pg 222.


“There is little information about the original immigrant of this Family except that his Scottish Highland miss and he eloped when her family did not favor them to be married.


They first settled in Dauphin Co., PA, and here raised a family.


In 1804 two sons, William and Henry, crossed the mountains to Pittsburgh. On the trip across Henry married Polly Crowe from Ligonier, and William married Isabel.


At Pittsburgh the brothers and their new wives, along with others, came up the Allegheny River.

William settled at Catfish Landing, just up river from East Brady, and Henry continued up the Redbank Creek and settled in the woods a short distance from the present-day community of Ohl.


William's family consisted of ten sons: Elijah; Elisha; John; George A. (great-grandfather of Leroy); William; Lewis; Henry; Sylvester; Samuel; and an infant son who drowned in a spring. He also had one daughter, Isabel, who later married a Smith. After the death of their son Mrs. McAninch wished to leave Catfish Landing so they moved to Beaver Township, Jefferson County in 1824 and settled near his brother Henry.


Henry's family consisted of: Elijah; William; George A.; Henry; Sylvester; Lewis; and one daughter Isabel. (The families did use similar names).


George A. McAninch was born in 1815 at Catfish Landing and followed the trade of a carpenter.

He married Mary Hetrick and in 1852 bought a 200 acre farm on Redbank Creek, near Baxter, Clover Township. They had five girls: Matilda (Mrs. S.A. Gordon of Red Lake, Minn.); Drusilla (died unmarried at 21); Minerva (Mrs. Robert O'Conner of Brookville); Catherine (Mrs. Robert Richards of Brookville); and three sons: Stewart, who married Eliza Speaker; James of South Dakota; and George R. (grand- father of the writer).


George R. McAninch was born in Beaver Twp. in 1851 and stayed on the family farm, which he later purchased from his father. He married Isabel Leslie and their family were: Harry Clyde, Nina (Harriger), May (Ayres), Catherine (Spangler), Stewart, James, Herman, Gertrude and Bessie.


Harry Clyde McAninch was born in Clover Twp., June 3, 1872, and followed the trade of a millwright as an adult. He built railroads for several mills in West Virginia. Later he returned to the family homestead. He married Ada Hall on January 20, 1897. Their family were Wayne, Harry, George, Grace (Hetrick), Harriet (Orcutt), and Leroy who is the only family member remaining living at this date.


Leroy McAninch was born June 6, 1914. I attended Lucas School near Baxter three years and then moved to Corsica where I completed my education. After graduation, in 1932, I worked at timber, mining and farming before joining Owens Illinois from which I retired in 1979 with 34 ½ years service.


I married Marcella Aikens in 1937. We were blessed by the birth of two sons: John, at home [1980’s], and Terry of Westminster, Colorado, near Denver.”


Submitted by: Leroy McAninch


[Note: this is Harold S. McAninch’s “Uncle Leroy” (1914-1987), who did original cemetery research

in Jefferson County (see Tombstone Hoppin’, Patricia Steele, 1980; McAninch Family History NL,

Vol. III, No. 1, Feb. 1995; pages 8-10; and the McAninch Farm Cemetery article in this issue, below)].


McAninch Family History NL, V-3  August, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-19   


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