McAninch Farm Cemetery, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

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Blanche Blizzard visited the McAninch Farm Cemetery earlier this year, and sent this info (note 1).


“The house and barn are on Henry’s property. The house is facing the hill where the graves are located on the top. The road bends around that hill and there is an old deer stand near the top. Other cousins told us Henry’s house was built over a spring and on a swale so they could watch for Indians.


“The gravestones are badly weathered but we were able to read them. There are several sunken areas with no headstones but they must have been graves since they are in the center of the yard. Also, the use of just initials was surprising.


“The enclosed chart is the approximate placement of the graves as seen looking past Henry’s stone.


“In looking over some old material recently I saw where a William McA. came to Beaver Township with Henry and Conrad Nulf in 1834.


“While still in Brookville, I phoned Patricia Steele who has published at least three books called “Tombstone Hopping” for that area. She had taken cousins I had located several years ago to the cemetery. But when I called her, she thought she would not be able to locate it very quickly.


“Because we didn’t have any directions on how to find the property, I picked out the name of Nulf in the Ohl section of the phone book and called him just as a last ditch effort to find some help. That was a lucky break as he had owned the place and had sold it three years before. The directions were touch and go since we weren’t familiar with the area.”


Blanche sketched the layout of the cemetery, and reported seeing 15 gravestones.












A. I. M.













Almira J



I. J. M.



Daug W.L. & I. Mc.






1855 ?













N. E. M.

R. J. M.




















W.T.M A.

H. H. M.

Alvin H.



J. & H. Mc




1856 Daug 





2yrs 1mo 22d

H. & J. Mc.     


11yrs 9mos 11d















W. M. T.

Henry H. Mc.


Samantha Dumbert




Son H.H.



5yrs 5mos 5d











6mos 5d












McAninch Cemetery, near Ohl on Copenhauer Road, March, 1995




Note 1. two ‘?’ question marks on Blanche’s drawing


Note 2. question “[McA.?]” added by Frank


McAninch Family History NL, V-3  August, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-20


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