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Volume V, Number 3, August 16, 1997. Re-printed November, 1999


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Who is Dan Macannick, in Virginia, 1653?

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McAninch Family, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

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McAninch Farm Cemetery, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

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Miscellaneous info, Nuggets from recent letters

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(Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Scotland) [show Illinois, Scotland; rev. Aug. 2003 /fm]



The Editor’s Corner


First, our thanks to Blanche Blizzard (1460 Oakhurst Way, Sacramento, California 95822), for all her

efforts, visiting and surveying the McAninch Farm Cemetery in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, and to

all the other people who contributed bits and pieces of this puzzle. Blanche went to Pennsylvania last

winter, tracing multiple family lines, and has recent photographs of the graveyard (contact her directly).


Next, a warm welcome to two new McAninch researchers (both in Wisconsin, by the luck of the draw):


Gayle Moeller (2430 Plymouth St., Oshkosh WI 54901) – Isabelle (Belle) McAninch, born 1868, Casey

County, Kentucky, was Gayle’s great-grandmother; on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 1887, Isabelle married

James Burdett Foster, at the home of her father, George W. McAninch, in Jenkins, Casey County, Ky.

George W. McAninch, b.1843, was the oldest son of William Berry McAninch, grand-son of George A.

McAninch, great-grand-son of Daniel [O.?] McAninch, one of the two original Kentucky McAninch’s.


Leslie G. Saylor (4623 N. Idlewild Ave., Whitefish Bay WI 53211) – Susan Telitha McAninch, born

1854, Cass County, Missouri, was Leslie’s great-grandmother; on Nov. 25, 1873, Susan married James

Knox Polk Scott. Susan’s parents were George C.[F.?] and Eliza Wickersham McAninch, from Casey

County, Kentucky; George was the oldest son of Jonathan McAninch, and a grand-son of the original

William McAninch, who came to Lincoln County, Kentucky, circa 1797 [1793] [Aug. 2003 /fm], and

died in 1813 in Casey County, Kentucky.


The Newsletter has sequential page numbers now (first quarter, pages 1-8, third issue, pages 17-24).

It’s easier to refer to back issues (e.g. Vol. V, 1997, pg. 20), and will help the Index (work in progress).


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