Who is Dan Macannick, in Virginia, 1653?


“Dan Macannick, 1653” was listed in “Early Immigrants To Virginia, 1623-1666”, collected by George Cabell Greer, Clerk, Virginia State Land Office, extracted from the Records of the Land Office in Richmond, Virginia, which was published in the “Journal of the American Irish Historical Society” [not Association], 13:209-213, 1913-1914. Somehow, Lillian McAninch, of Oaklawn, Illinois, found this old, dusty, and obscure clue (published 1914!), as reported in a previous issue of this Newsletter (McAninch F.H.NL, Vol. III, No. 4, Dec. 1995, page 3).


Lillian followed up with an inquiry to The Library of Virginia, with the following response.


[letterhead] Commonwealth of Virginia, The Library of Virginia


Dear Ms. McAninch:


Thank you for your letter of 19 December 1996 inquiring about the Virginia Colonial Records.


Project database. We are very excited that, after years of work, researchers will be able to use the index and then go to images of the Survey Reports wherein the index references appear. To access the database, one needs Internet access and a browser, such as Mosaic or Netscape, for the World-Wide Web. The URL for the Library of Virginia’s home page is <http:\\leo.vsla.edu> ...


In response to your other question, I enclose a copy of a memorandum prepared at my request by a senior historian on the Library’s staff (and a former editor of the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy). The sources to which Ms. Gentry refers are the digitized materials about land records on the Library’s Web site on the Internet and Nell Marion Nugent, comp., Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, a three-volume set that the Library of Virginia reprinted in 1992.


I regret that we were unable to provide you with definite information about the reference to Dan Macannick. It is possible that you might find other clues in the genealogically related materials available at the Library of Virginia’s Web site. Best of luck with your research.


[signed] John T. Kneebone, Director, Virginia Colonial Records Project

Publications Division, The Library of Virginia, 800 E. Broad St., Richmond, Virginia 23219-3491


[memo to] John Kneebone, [from] Daphne Gentry, [date] 30 December 1996


With the secondary source cited in the letter covering records from the 1623-1666 period, the obvious places ... are Cavaliers and Pioneers and/or the Digitized Collection on the LVA Home Page.


Trying the latter first, I was unable to find a patent to Dan Macannick. While there, I looked for the Journal in which the article was published (negative results) and then the author in case he might have done something else .... We do have the Journal of the American Irish Historical Society but the article is just a list of names with dates, nothing to help in getting to the original record.


From the article, I did learn the date given with the person is 1653 which places it in volume 1 of C&P. I looked at all the Ma entries for a Dan: there is a Danl Mackall and a Dan Mackdanell, both 1653 headrights without specific county designations.


The person who compiled this list was a clerk in the Land Office ... he may well not have been conversant with the writing and may have read a name incorrectly ... just as Nell Nugent may have.


The bottom line is, with the sources available, we cannot find the reference to Dan Macannick which is printed in the published source. In all probability, the name appears as a headright - under some similar spelling - at some place in original Patents 3.


McAninch Family History NL, V-3  August, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-18   


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