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Volume V, Number 1, February 21, 1997. Re-printed November, 1999


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Miscellaneous info, Nuggets from recent letters (Canada, Penn., Ulster)

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Family Bible Records of John Forrest McAninch

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McAninch Estate Records in Early Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

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The Editor’s Corner


Received the Family Bible records of John Forrest McAninch, from David McAninch, Spokane, WA,  

who says he’s really a retired B-52 pilot (his Real Estate business card offers “Airplane / War Stories  

on Request, EC-121, C-123K, & B-52D, G, E, F, & H’s”). Thanks again for all the Bible info, Dave.

J. F. McAninch was a son of William McAninch, b. Abt. 1805, Lincoln Co., Kentucky, and grand-son 

of William McAninch, who died 1813, Casey Co., Kentucky. Allowing for minor variations in spelling 

(“Leannia”, “Leannah”) and birthplaces (Tennessee, or Republic of Texas), it connects seamlessly 

with McAninch data in Bell County, Texas, researched earlier by Kathy McAninch, Houston, Texas.   


The third and last part of the series of early Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, land records is here, Estate Records from the Courthouse in Kittanning, William McAninch 1836 and John McAninch 1839. “William ... died intestate leaving your petitioner, his widow, and without lawful issue ...”, no children? Creditors included “John Brown”, “Joseph Bowser”, and “Peter Bowser”, and the widow Margaret had to post Bond, co-signed by “Joseph Bowser Jr.” and “Daniel Swiegart”. What were their relationships? Also, when John McAninch died in 1839, he owed money to William McCullogh from 1838 land sale; but, which Henry McAninch was his Administrator? Henry who lived in Ohio? or in Jefferson Co.?


Pennsylvania Weather Note: Back on February 2, Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil did not see

his shadow, so, I hope everyone is now enjoying the early spring weather predicted by Punxs’y Phil. 

“If Candlemas be fair and bright, Come, winter, have another flight / If Candlemas brings clouds

 and rain, Go, winter, and come not again”, from Punxsutawney site “”


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