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These records transcribed from old Family Bible pages (from two different Bibles), and

1905 Marriage Certificate, in the possession of David McAninch, Spokane, Washington:


First document, five pages from first (oldest) Family Bible [publisher, date unknown (1860’s?)]:


1. [certificate]

“This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between J. F. McAninch of

 Williamson County, Texas, and Sarah J. McDaniel of Bell County, Texas, was married [sic]

 on September the 30, 1858, at Mary McDaniel’s residence, by Rev. David Ross of

 Milam County, Texas.” [at the residence of the mother of the bride]

    [Note 1. these names, places, and dates are all written in “handwriting one”]

    [Note 2. the two words “was married” was added later, in “handwriting two”]


2. Marriages:

J. F. McAninch and Leannia Server was married August the third A.D. 1854 in Milam Cty, Texas

J. F. McAninch and Sarah McDaniel was married September the 30 A.D. 1858 in Bell Cty, Texas

James M. Pearse and Mary P. McAninch was married December the 31, 1874 in Bell Cty, Texas

J. D. McAninch and Emmer Bell were married Dec. 9, 1881, at Holland, Bell Co., Tex.

J. D. McAninch and Lizzie McDonald were married June the 25, 1905, at Carlsbad, New Mexico

Roy D. McAninch and Beth Siemens were married March 5, 1945, in Oklahoma City.

    [Note 3: first three, “handwriting one”, next 2, “handwriting two”, last 1 by Roy D. McAninch]


3. Births:

J. F. McAninch was bornd [sic] May the 28 A.D. 1833 in Shelby Cty, Tennessee

Sarah J. McAninch was bornd [sic] April the 8 A.D. 1837 in the Republic of Texas

William G. McAninch was bornd [sic] July    the 25, A.D. 1855, in Williamson Cty, Texas

Mary P. McAninch was bornd [sic] July the 17 A.D. 1859, in Williamson Cty, Texas

John D. McAninch was bornd [sic] March the 18 A.D. 1861, in Bell Cty, Texas

Sarah Isabelle McAninch was bornd [sic] March the 7 A.D. 1863, in Bell Cty, Texas

Arabelle Jannette McAninch was bornd [sic] April the 11 A.D. 1865 in Bell Cty, Texas

Barney F. McAninch was bornd [sic] Jan. 23, A.D. 1883, Bell Co., Texas  [“handwriting two”]

Roy D. McAninch was bornd [sic] December 9, 1906, Carlsbad, New Mexico

David Allen McAninch born Nov. 21, 1945 

[these two entries (David, Susan) 

Susan Bette McAninch born May 25, 1949 

 hand-printed by Roy D. McAninch]

[left side] Glenn McAninch: lives in Calif. (is the only child of) is the son of Barney McAninch

and Alta Merfield” [written vertically in the left margin, hand-printed by Roy D. McAninch]

    [Note 4: first seven, “handwriting one”, next 2, “handwriting two”, last 3 by Roy D. McA.]



[original 2 pages (-05,-06) reformatted as 3 pages (-05,-06a,-06b) for web display, Feb. 2007 /fm]

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