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Canada: 1914-1918: Over 600,000 Canadians enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF)

during World War I, including Frank MacNinch (529430), Matthew Hilliard McAninch (1018612),

H.H. McNinch (742985), Harrison Elmer McNinch (742354), Laurie Kelly McNintch (2100662),

Robie Edward McNintch (335956), Sable McNintch (435393) and Neil McNinch Lawrie (769960).

Names and Regimental Numbers from online search, “http://www.archives.ca/db/cef/index.html”,

Personnel Records, National Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa Canada K1A0N3.


Pennsylvania: 1801, Buffalo Township [newspaper-style news item for the “Armstrong News”]:


 “Marriage vows were exchanged recently by Joseph Cogley and Rachel Jones. Mr. Cogley

came to this area in 1799 from Dauphin County and has a successful blacksmith shop on the

Kittanning Road. Mrs. Cogley was formerly of Lancaster County. Among the well-wishers were

Mr. Cogley’s uncle, James Cogley, and their close neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. John McAninch.”


Nancy Emery [Spokane, WA] wrote this “news clipping” from Cogley material in Biographical and

Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong Counties, Samuel T. Wiley, editor, pub. 1891,

John M. Gresham & Co., Philadelphia, pg. 378, and land descriptions of adjacent plots and deeds in

History of Armstrong County, by Robert Walter Smith, Esq., pub. 1883, pages 283, 460, and 497.

“Rachel Jones and John McIninch [sic] ... a written agreement, August 16, 1797, that Rachel and

John should keep settled ... for five years ‘a certain tract of land, situate on Slippery Rock path,

bounded by James Cogley, Sr.’ ...” [Smith, pg.497]; confirmed that John McAninch did not marry

Rachel Jones, what was their relationship? Rachel was “of Lancaster County”, was John’s wife

also? Did he find her in Lancaster County? Sisters? Did Rachel accompany them westward?


Pennsylvania: 1850, Beaver Twp., Jefferson Co. [ditto'd under William and Isabel (Hopkins) McA.]:


Henry McAninch

30  M

b.PA  Farmer  $1000

[1850 Census, National Archives


Mary   "

30  F

 " [b.Pa]


[film M432, roll 786, page 55(B)]


James Thompson "

13  M

 " [b.Pa]

[James, son of Elijah and Jane (Crowe)]


[James Thompson McAninch, grand-son of William and Isabel McAninch; Elijah died 1840]


Henry H. Minor [sic]

 3  M

 " [b.Pa]


[Henry H., born About 1846-1847]


[“minor”, note on original census; to avoid confusion with adult Henry in same household?]


Pennsylvania: 1862, "M'Annich [sic], Henry, dis[charged] on surgeon's certificate, April, 1862", in

History of Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, by Robert Walter Smith, Esq., 1883, Waterman, Watkins

& Co., Chicago; page 87, Company D(E?), 103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (P.V.I.); is this

same Henry H. McAninch, b.Abt.1847, son of Henry McAninch, b.Abt.1820, and wife Mary?


Pennsylvania: 1877, “McAninch, Elisha, puddler, Bishop, 32d wd, ss”, in the 1877-1878 Pittsburgh

City Directory, found by Beverly Osman Morris, Pleasanton, California; she says “ss” stands for

“South Side”, which is still called that, and that “this area was once known as Birmingham”.



"McAninch, Alexander K.

1880 - 1952

B  4  17”

[sec. B] [row 4]



"McAninch, Tillie Sarah

1889 - 1969 

B  4  18”

[num. 17, 18]

in the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Mahoning Twp. ("sometimes misplaced in Red Bank Twp."), cemetery surveyed August 5, 1980, "across Red Bank Creek from New Bethlehem at Lookout Point" and "off Rt. 839 south of New Bethlehem”, surveys at Lankerd-Thomas Library, Armstrong County Historical Soc., Kittanning.


McAninch Family History NL, V-1  February, 1997  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1997-02


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