Ringgold City, Iowa, 1844-2002: From First Settlement to Forgotten Community

Compiled, edited, and published by Raymond V. Banner, 603 N. Hayes, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854.


This is a new book (published January 2002; 107 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", soft cover binding) about the

original Schooler Grove / Ringgold City settlement area, where Joseph (?P.) McAninch, and other

children of Samuel and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch went after the Civil War, including


“Three pages of the book are devoted to discussing members of the McAninch family that 

are buried in Ringgold cemetery. The entire list of known persons buried in Ringgold cemetery

according to gravestone readings, including the sixteen members of the McAninch family,

is also included in the book. Besides this there are several other scattered references to members

of the McAninch family in the book.” Raymond V. Banner, March 2002


In April, 2002, he reported that the second printing has sold out. The book is now ‘out of print’,

and the author (Raymond V. Banner) has kindly given permission to re-print these extracts here.


Ringgold Evangelical Church

About the same time of [Samuel McFadden] Kater's conversion [ca.1884], or a year later,

Mary L. Jarred, a teenage girl of seventeen, was one of five persons converted in a revival

meeting at the school house. She later married Sherman McAninch and continued to be a

faithful member of the church until her death on 4 April 1919. [pg. 36]


Elizabeth Swigart, adopted daughter of Roy and Jennie [McAninch] Swigart, was converted 

at Ringgold church at age sixteen and lived a very active and pious Christian life until her

early death two years later on 22 October 1926. Young Alto Reed Marsh and Elizabeth “Edith”

Swigart were both buried in Ringgold Cemetery. [pg. 37]


Emerson and Weldon McAninch were sons of Mrs. Oscar (Ida) [Sullivan] McAninch. Ida

was a faithful member from 1905 until her death in February 1920 at age thirty nine. [pg. 37]


The two young sons were contrasts in their religious life. Emerson became a school teacher,

evangelist and preacher. As an adult he returned to Ringgold county and preached guest

sermons at Ringgold and Salem Evangelical Churches, Caledonia Methodist church and as

late as the 1960’s or 1970’s at the Free Methodist Church in Mt. Ayr.


Weldon McAninch . . . robbed a bank in Kansas City . . . He was captured and sent to

Alcatraz Island prison . . .  Due to the plea of his brother Emerson, Weldon was released from

prison after serving ten years or so. Weldon married and raised a family. He is believed to have

died in Sacramento, California, in November 1984. [pg. 38 in Raymond V. Banner’s 2002 book]


. . . some of the other known members in the history of the church were as follows: Sherman

McAninch, Milburn J. Pittman, Roy Swigart, Minnie Zinn and Mrs. Cora Haley. Dallas Smithson,

Mrs. Moses (Sarah) Pottorff and Mrs. A. L. (Rosetta) Case were probably members. [pg. 39]


Ringgold City, 1844-2002: From First Settlement to Forgotten Community, Raymond V. Banner

McAninch Family History NL, v.X.n.3  July 2002  Frank McAninch, Editor    page 2002-19


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