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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume X, Number 3, July 24, 2002.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

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Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent letters (“Arkansas page”)

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Ringgold City, Iowa, 1844-2002: From First Settlement to Forgotten Community

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(‘McAninch’ extracts from the new book by Raymond V. Banner)




Ringgold City, Iowa: This issue features ‘McAninch’ extracts from the new book on Ringgold City, first pioneer settlement in Ringgold County, Iowa (originally Schooler Grove, on the Dragoon Trace, northward out of Missouri). The Ringgold community, in Lotts Creek Township, was the home of Joseph [P.?] and Elizabeth Jane (Quiett) McAninch and their family, and of John S. and Arminta ‘Mint’ (McAninch) Harlan and their family; Joseph, Arminta, and their younger brothers Enoch and William, are children of Samuel and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, from Hendricks County, Indiana.


Raymond V. Banner, a resident of Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, and a member of the Historical Society there, compiled this material last year, and published the book in January, 2002. The book is already out of print, and the author has kindly given his permission to re-print these ‘McAninch’ extracts here.


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