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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume IX, Number 3, July 24, 2001.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

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Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent letters (by States)

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(New York, Ohio, Scotland, and Ulster)




Henry McAninch’s Family Bible, Lost and Found

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McAninch-Bowser: Henry McAninch Married (Mary) Elizabeth Bowser

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A Tale of Two Henry’s


Two different Henry McAninch’s, both early residents of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, have caused a lot of confusion over the years. There were three early McAninch’s in Armstrong County (Henry, John, and William); the ‘first’ Henry, born 1777, came to Buffalo Township while it was still part of Westmoreland County (before 1800), married Mary (Lucas?), ca. 1803-04 (Indiana County?), had three daughters (Anna, Nancy, and Sarah), and went ‘down-river’ to Zanesville, Ohio, 1807-08. There is no proven relationship among the ‘first-generation’ Henry, John, and William McAninch’s.


The ‘first’ John McAninch, born 1755-1765, and in Westmoreland County in the 1790 census, came to Buffalo Township, ca.1796, and Armstrong County land records give his wife’s name as Elizabeth and Betsey. John had three (known) sons, William, born ca.1783 (married Isabel Hopkins, ca.1803), John, b.1800-1801 (after 1800 census), and Henry, b.16 Feb. 1802, and these are the “three brothers”.


The ‘second’ Henry grew up in Armstrong County, married (Mary) Elizabeth Bowser, early 1820’s, and eventually went west, to Iowa, then Iron County, Missouri, in 1860, and then back to Iowa; two of his sons fought in Iowa units in the Civil War, and settled later in Hawarden, Sioux County, Iowa.


Our Mangled Surnames: McAmence [Lewis McAninch], Morrow Co., Ohio, 1860 (see next page)


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