McAninch-Bowser: Henry McAninch Married (Mary) Elizabeth Bowser


Article by Frank McAninch, with research by Lorna Gilbert, Houston, Texas [Note 1]


Henry McAninch, b. 16 Feb. 1802 [Note 2], in Pennsylvania, married (Mary) Elizabeth Bowser, probably Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, est. ca. 1822-1823. Later, they went to Iowa, in 1850’s, south to Iron County, Missouri, in the 1860 census, then north into Iowa again, during the Civil War.


1. The first clue, “Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1804, m. Henry McAninch”, was in the “Bowser book” [1922, Notes 3, 4]. This book was prepared early in the 20th century, and has extensive coverage of many Bowser family lines in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states (Ohio, Maryland et al).


An updated “Second Edition” has just been published this year, 2001, but, according to Lorna


“I've been assured several times that there is absolutely nothing more in the book than the one-liner about Henry McAninch having married Elizabeth Bowser, and have never had any more real info from [Bowser family historians] about these two -- just sympathy.”


There is nothing else about Elizabeth in their book, and it is now known that she left that area. The absence of any additional information about Elizabeth may be significant, and is believed to corroborate the fact that she and her husband left the Armstrong County, Pennsylvania area.


2. Pennsylvania -- Henry and Elizabeth lived in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, for some time, and can be found in the 1830 and 1840 census records.


1830: “McAninch, Henry  2 1 0 0 1 - 1 1 0 0 1” --

2 Males < 5 [b.1825-1830]; 1 M 5-10 [b.1820-1825]; 1 M 20-30 [b.1800-1810] [Henry]

1 Female < 5; 1 F 5-10; 1 F 20-30 [b.1800-1810] [Elizabeth] [NARA M19 Roll 161 pg.156]

The children in this census record are referred to as ‘the older children’; their names are not known, and none of them appear with the family in 1850 and subsequent census years where all the names were recorded. Children-candidates include Henry W. McAninch, Pvt., Co. D, 103rd Penn. Vol. Inf., married Ruth H. Smith, 11 July 1867, Franklin, Venango Co., Penn., and possible daughters in 1856 and 1860 census: Eliza, 39 [b.1820-21], wife of George Farr/Tarr; Julia [Ann], 28 in 1856, 32 in 1860 [b.1827-28], Mary, 32 [b.1827-28], wife of George Fink.


1840: “Henry McIninch [sic]  2 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0”

2 Males < 5 [sons, b.1835-1840] [Nelson, born 1838]; 1 M 5-10 [son, b.1830-1835]

1 M, 10-15 [son, b.1825-1830]; 1 M, 30-40 [Henry, b.1800-1810];

1 M, 90-100 [b.1740-1750? or transcription error?; not Henry’s father, John McAninch, since John McAninch’s Estate Records were settled in 1839, Armstrong County];

1 F, 5-10 [dau., b.1830-1835] [Lavinia?]; 2 F, 10-15 [2 dau., b.1825-1830] [Jane McA.?]

1 F, 15-20 [dau., b.1820-1825]; 1 F, 30-40 [wife, b.1800-1810] [Elizabeth] [M704, Roll 442]


Henry and Elizabeth probably lived in Armstrong County at least through 1845-1846, since their sons Peter and George, and youngest daughter, Nancy [], were all born in Pennsylvania. “George” is a common given name in McAninch families, but “Peter” is an unusual McAninch name; however, “Peter” is a common given name in many Bowser family lines.


At this time, no 1850 census record has been found for this Henry McAninch family.


McAninch Family History NL, IX -3  July 2001  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2001-21


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