Henry McAninch’s Family Bible, Lost and Found


Research by Liz Watson, Cincinnati, Ohio [Note 1]


Henry McAninch, born 8 May 1777, in Pennsylvania, his wife Mary [Lucas?], and three daughters (Anna, Nancy, and Sarah), moved west from Armstrong Co., Penn., to settle in Zanesville, Ohio, on “May 10th” [prob. 1808, after they sold their Armstrong Co. land, Note 2], and moved to Waterford, Washington County, Ohio, in 1816. The first documentation of Henry and his family came in a very unusual way, names and birth dates cross-stitched onto a sewing sampler, made by their daughter Anna C. McAninch, in 1819 [Note 3] [Anna married David Tilton, 11 Nov. 1824, Washington Co.]


This McAninch Family Bible has now surfaced, found by an unrelated couple in Kentucky [Note 4]. Unfortunately, the handwriting is badly faded, and the two pages of family data do not copy well [‘births’ page available as scanned image, Note 5]; Liz (and others) have transcribed these two pages:



Henry McAninch was born May the 15th in the year of our Lord --1777. [15/18, Note 6a]

Mary McAninch was born June the 1st in the year of our Lord -- 1788.

Anna C. McAninch was born Oct. the 14th in the year of our Lord -- 1805.

Nancy L. McAninch was born Oct. the 28th in year of our Lord -- 1807. [“in year” (sic)]

Sally L. McAninch was born March the 24th in year of our Lord -- 1810. [Sarah, Note 6b]



“Henry McAninch moved to the State of Ohio May the 10th and settled in Zanesville, left there in 1816 and located at Waterford, Washington County, State of Ohio. In the spring of 1830 moved to Jackson, Jackson County, Ohio, where he remained till the day of his death which occurred Sept. 24th, 1856. Blessed is he who dies in the Lord.” [Note 6c]


The Bible copyright date is 1829; so, the five births were entered after that, and the ‘migration story’ can only have been completed after Henry’s death in 1856. The ‘births’ and ‘story’ appear written by the same hand, probably Anna, although not identified in the Bible. This is most-likely Anna’s Bible, possibly from Columbus, Ohio, then taken with her when she went to Jackson County to live with her mother after both spouses died [1860 census, Jackson County, Ohio, NARA M653 roll 992 p.182].


The ‘historical trail’ of the Bible is essentially the same as the ‘sewing sampler’ [Note 3]; Liz said “I tend to believe all was written by Anna, as there are other books she has written in, even if its (only) her name. (Anna) gave it to her daughter, Mary C. Hunt, from there it went to my g-grandmother Emma Rae Murphy, then to her son, my grandfather G. C. Murphy. I donated a dresser to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, unaware the bible and other books were in there. There is certainly much irony in life. The person who received the dresser has had the bible and other books in their family all these years. He contacted me via the internet, and, after 40 years, I not only have a wonderful piece to add to the family but have also made a wonderful friend.”


Source Notes:

[1] Liz Watson, 5158 Dry Ridge Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45252-1934; <liz.watson@worldnet.att.net>

[2] Henry McAninch to Abraham Parkison, Aug. 15, 1807, Armstrong Co. Deed Books, Vol. I, p.123.

[3] “Henry McAninch, 1777-?1856 (‘Henry, who went to Ohio’?)”, MFHN Vol.VI No.3 p.1998-24

[4] Nolan and Sondra Johnson, Kentucky [additional information, address available on request]

[5] Page with birth records, ‘McAHenBk.jpg’; other page, with the migration story, not reproducible.

[6] transcription notes: [6a] Henry’s birthday … “15th” [sic], but May 18 on  Anna’s 1819 sampler, [6b] “Sally’s real name was Sarah”, and [6c] “There was no year for their move to Zanesville”


McAninch Family History NL, IX -3  July 2001  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2001-20


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