McA/Ininch Military Veterans in General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934 (NARA T288)


The U.S. National Archives (NARA, National Archives and Records Administration) has the military pension file records for (at least) twenty-nine (29) McAninch and five (5) McIninch military veterans, including veterans of Union forces in the Civil War, 1861-1865 [see General Source Notes 1, 2, 3, 4].


Most of these names were extracted from General Index T288 by Lorna Gilbert, in Houston [Note 2]. Lorna has been researching two brothers, George and Peter McAninch, originally from Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania, and found in Iron County, Missouri, in the 1860 census [MFHN V-3 (Aug.) p.1997-23]. They both served in Iowa infantry units in the Civil War, and then went to Hawarden, Sioux Co., Iowa.


This list, and the NARA T288 microfilm, are just an Index; copies of specific files can be ordered from the National Archives, by Certificate Number, on NATF form 80,



Name of Veteran


Date Filed



[with additional

[“CW”, Civil War


Number and


 family information]

 (Union veterans only);

State from



[*, have copy of file]

 “Not” or “(?)” unknown]

Which Filed

[if C. issued]







McAninch, Albert H.

CW: Co. I, 155 Pa. Inf.

1888 June 2

A: 658,060


[bro. Elisha H., James C.]

and Co. H, 193 Pa. Inf.

[filed] Ohio

C: 903,101


[b.1846-1847, Penn., son of Elisha H. and Martha (Clemons) McA.; Pittsburgh, 1850 cens.]







McAninch, Charles H.

[Not CW] M, 13 U.S. Cav.

1901 Nov 6

A: 751,372


Father: McAninch, Alva C

[Not CW: Carlisle, Note 5a]

[filed] Ohio

C: 576,274


Remarks: X.C. 952,229



[Charles “Hardy” McA., b.14 Jun 1881, son of (Alva) Clifford and


 Leefe (Smith) McA. (Cav., Ft. Mead, SD, MFHN VII-3 p.1999-18)]







McAninch, Elijah H.

CW: Co. I, 8 Pa. Inf.,

1873 June 14

A: 184,652



and Co. G, 105 Pa. Inf.

[State] blank

C: 127,319


Widow: McA., Sarah E.

[Jefferson Co., Penn.]

1918 Oct. 14

A: 1,129,613


[married (Sarah?) Elizabeth Carrier]


C: 859,620


[Elijah Hamilton McA., b.1840, Jefferson Co., son of Elisha and Jane M. (Crowe) McA.,


 brother of Milton Harvey McA., b.1838-1839, (prob.) Jefferson Co.; went to Michigan (?)]







McAninch, Elisha H.

CW: Co. A, 7 Pa. Inf.,

1894 Dec. 8

A: 1,162,606


[bro. Albert H., James C.]

and Co. D, 63 Pa. Inf.


C: 951,118


Widow: McAninch, Kate [Catherine Bracken]

1922 May 27

A: 1,189,758


Attorney: Soule & Co.



C: 925,816


[b.9 Sept. 1841, Pittsburgh; Elisha and Martha (Clemons) McA. (MFHN V-4 p.1997-37)]







McAninch, Elza

CW: Co. G, 76 Penn. Inf.

1886 Sep 16

A: 585,210


[did Elza also serve in 82 Penn.?, or 152 Penn.?]

[State]: blank

C: 499,088


[Ellsworth McA., b.1832-33, Big Run, Jeff. Co., son of John A. and Maria (Reed) McA.,


 Elza mar. Henrietta Cochran, ca. 1854-55; she died 1895, no widow app. (Elza died 1911)]


McA/Ininch in the General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934

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