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Indiana? or Iowa? Today, the U.S. Postal Service has firmly established the two-letter abbreviations “IN” for Indiana and “IA” for Iowa. During the early 1800's, however, the use of the first and last letters “IA” was a common abbreviation for the State of Indiana, especially on documents written in Indiana, and can be found in old letters, newspaper articles, Civil War pension applications, etc.


Iowa: 1925 – There was a state census in Iowa in 1925, with a lot of genealogical info. In addition to the usual census data (name, sex, age, relationship), this census asked for specific information on the parents, including their names (with maiden name), birthplaces, and where they were married.

The 1925 Iowa census was recorded in booklets specifically printed for that census, with multiple internal pages, aligned with the names of the individuals on the first page of each set of six pages.

The original 1925 records, written in dark pencil, are now in Des Moines, the state capital, and have been microfilmed by the LDS Family History Library. Multiple census booklets were used in each county, and these census booklets are sequentially-numbered items on each county film.

Unfortunately, there is no state-wide Index to the 1925 Iowa census. Some of the larger cities have been indexed, including Des Moines; however, in the other areas it is necessary to know approximately where a person was living in 1925, and find that town on the specific county film.


Iowa: In the 1925 census, can find George McAninch, the Civil War veteran, with three generations


McAninch, George, 82, Widowed

b. Pennsylvania

[Veteran] Yes, Army, Iowa


[his father] McAninch, Henry

b. Pennsylvania

} [82, est. Geo. b. 1842-43]


[his mother] Bowser, Mary

b. Pennsylvania

} married in Pennsylvania

Whalen, Jesse [McA.], 43, Widowed

b. Iowa

[daughter of George McA.]


[her father] McAninch, George

b. Pennsylvania

} married in Iowa


[her mother] Watson, Mary

b. Pennsylvania


Whalen, Gertrude, 25, Single

b. South Dakota

[grand-daughter of George]


[her father] Whalen, Stanley

b. Iowa

} [Stanley has already died]


[her mother] McAninch, Jesse

b. Iowa

} married “Hawarden, Iowa


[Sioux County, Iowa; Town of Hawarden, Third Ward, second page, and two Lodgers,

Walter Callahan and John Conrad; LDS film 1,429,557, item 70, Sioux Co. Book 18 (item 70 on film)].


Tennessee: 1829 – Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Giles County, Tennessee


Name of Dead




Date of Death

Parents / Other

Elizabeth McAninch




Mar. 30, 1829


Mary E. McAninch [1]


1826 [2]


July 10, 1829

_____ [blank]


[1] McAninch, not McAnnch; [2] DOB source unknown, estimated from age and date of death?

Handwritten survey of the cemetery, “Mount Moriah Cemetery Records”, compiled by the Genealogical Committee, L.D.S. Church; microfilmed 1956, LDS 0,002,116 item 34, pg. 21 of 26.


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