McAninch Special Projects in Hendricks County, Indiana  
(Old) Pleasant Hill (M.E.) Cemetery, Franklin Township, Hendricks County  
The 'Shoe Box' Collection of Rhoda (Wilson) McAninch (1849-1930)  
Early McAninch Family Lines: Two in Kentucky  
Daniel McAninch and five sons, John, Samuel, George A., Daniel, ?Henry  
William McAninch and five sons, James, Jonathan, William, Samuel, Jesse  
Early McAninch Family Lines: Three in Pennsylvania  
Henry McAninch, wife Mary, and three daughters, who went to Ohio  
John McAninch, Armstrong County Pioneer, father of John, Henry, William  
William McAninch, Armstrong County Pioneer (no known sons)  
McA/I/Ninch Info Organized by Geographic Locations  
Information Organized by States and Canada  
Information from (northern) Ireland and Scotland  
And External Links to Other McAninch Genealogy Sites  
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Clan MacInnes Tartan
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