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(William, his father) "William McAninch, Kentucky Pioneer (born before 1765; married

1796 in Tennessee; Kentucky land 1797-1813; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)"

MFHN v.XXIX n.1 May 2021 p.2021-03


"Our feature presentation -- William McAninch of Kentucky, 1790's-to-1813",

(an early article, 1993, and some of this data is now known to be inaccurate, incomplete,

and/or family legend data, with no sources), MFHN v.I n.3 August 1993 pg.1993-10


(Daniel McAninch and William McAninch information in) "Daniel McAninch, Part II:

From Pennsylvania,1790, to Lincoln County, Kentucky", MFHN v.IX n.2 April 2001



"Commissioner's Books", "Tax books 1807-1817, 1819-1831, 1833, 1835, 1837-1838,

1840-1849", Casey County, Kentucky, Tax Assessor, published Frankfort, Kentucky,

by Kentucky State Historical Society, 1952-1953; Microfilm of original records,

FamilySearch (LDS) film 007923, DGS 7834414 (digitized, can browse images online); > Search > Catalog > film 007923

a. James: six years: 1807:pg15:n09, McAnninch, James, no land, 1 White Male over 21,

    no Blacks, and no H&M (Horses and Mares); since James was recorded as (WM)

    ‘1 White Male 21 and over’ in 1807, then James must have been born before 1786

  1808:Part1:pg9:n14, McAninch, James, 153 acres, in the Fishing Creek watershed,

    l White Male over 21, 1 Horses & Mares, land originally entered by Isaac Harris

  1810, 1814, 1816, and 1817, same data, Fishing Creek, 1 WM over 21, 1 H&M, for

    these 4 years (1810:pg14:n07, 1814:pg14:n30, 1816:pg14:n12, and 1817:pg13:n07)

  There is no Tax Book for 1818, and James is not listed again between 1819 and 1849.

b. William: 1808:Part1:p9:n12, 1809:Part2:p9:n14, 1810:pg14:n10, 1811:pg10:n25, and

  1812:pg11:n21; in 1812, he is listed as '1 White Male over 21', 4 'Horses and Mares',

  and the land (originally Entered by Caleb Brown) has been patented in his own name.

c. McAninch, Laodieca, 143 acres, Fishing Creek, no White Males over 21, no Blacks,

  5 Horses & Mares, Land Patented by W. McAninch, same data in both 1813 and 1814

  (1813:pg15:n13, 1814:pg14:n32) (1813 "Date of Receiving Lists" is April 17)


Casey County, Kentucky, Court Orders, 1807-1813 book, Irma Miller Sheperd, compiler,

published 2000, Genealogy Heaven Company, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035, pg.144


1812 Tax List, Giles County, Tennessee, "Jas McAninch" and "John McAninch" in

Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists, Byron and Barbara Sistler,Evanston, Illinois, 1977,

Giles County Historical Society Bulletin, Pulaski, Tennessee, Oct. 9, 1977, pg. 7, and

Giles County USGenWeb site,


James McAninch (, b.Pennsylvania?), Kentucky and Tennessee

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