Data: Name, Relationship, Marital Status, Age, Occupation, Employed(Y/N), Birthplace


England 1891 census: a few McA/I/Ninch’s; Wales 1891: no McA/I/Ninch’s [N:3]


Ireland 1891 census [no 1891 records available at National Archives of Ireland] [N:2]


Scotland 1891: census was taken on the night of 5 April 1891 [McA/I/Ninch’s] [N:3]


Ann McIntosh [not Ann McIninch] 58 [b.ca.1833] b.London, England [Status] Widow


[household] Robert Wheatley Head 40 / Edith Wheatley 7 / Robert Wheatley 5 . . .

London, Bethnal Green North, 19 Jacob St., RG12 Piece 256 Fol.20 p35 GSU 6095366


Duncan McIninch [McAnish?] Head M 52 [b.ca.1839 b.Lancashire / Dock Labourer


Ann McIninch Wife F 50 b.Leeds, Yorkshire, England                              [Note N:4]

Ada McIninch Daughter F 13 b.Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

Margery Brodgen Lodger F 75 b.Ireland

Cheshire, Birkenhead, Brook Street, RG12 Piece/Folio 2882/64 pg.4


Isabella Currie Head 38 b.Scotland / Hugh Currie Son 15 b.England [occ] Scholar [N:4]


Isabell McNinch Niece 17 [b.ca.1874] b.Scotland [occ] Domestic, Assists in House

Lancashire, West Derby, Walton on the Hill, RG12 P 2978 Folio 99 p.26 GSU 6098088


John McAninch Head 59 [b.ca.1832] b.Ireland, Londonderry [occ] Gas Stoker   [N:4]


Harriett "[McAninch] Wife 44 [b.ca1847] b.Kent, Tunbridge Wells [occ] Charwoman

Ethel Ellen "[McAninch] Dau. 10 [b.ca.1881] b.Kent, Greenwich [occ] Scholar

London [county], Greenwich, Atlas St., RG12 Piece 509 Folio 133 p.38 GSU 6095619


Maria McIninch Head 46 [b.ca.1845] b.Scotland [Status] Widow [not employed] [N:4]


Margaret “[McIninch] Dau. 23 [b.ca.1868] b.Lanc. Whittle S[single] [occ] Machinist

Isabella Stewart Dau. 19 [b.ca.1872] b.Lanc. Levenshulme M[married] "[Machinist]

Alfred McIninch Son 18 [b.ca.1873] b.Lanc. Levenshulme [occ] Clammer

Robert Henry "[McIninch] Son 17 [b.ca.1874] b.Lanc. Broadbottom

Mary "[McIninch] Daughter 14 [b.ca.1877] b.Lanc. Crawshaw Booth

Lilly "[McIninch] Daughter 12 [b.ca.1879] b.Lanc. Love Clough

Clara "[McIninch] Daughter 11 [b.ca.1880] b.Lanc. Love Clough

William "[McIninch] Son 9 [b.ca.1882] b.Lanc. Love Clough

Lancashire, Haslingden, Crawshaw Booth, RG12 P 3350 Folio 18 p.29 GSU 6098460


McA/I/Ninch in 1881 to 1911 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records: pg.2017-22

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