McNinch: 50: Ayrshire 29, Bute 1, Lanarkshire 9, Renfrewshire 10, Sutherland 1


Ayrshire, Beith: William McNinch [], Jane McNinch Wife [],

    James McNinch Son [], William McNinch Son [] [all b.Scotland]

Ayrshire, St Quivox: Neil McNinch [], Martha McNinch Wife [],

    Margaret McNinch Dau. [], Ellen McNinch Dau. [],

    Neil McNinch Son [], Neil McNinch Grandson [] [all b.Scotland]

    Neil McNinch Head [], Mary McNinch Wife [] [both b.Scotland]

    William McNinch Head [], Jane McNinch Wife [],

    Mary C McNinch Dau. [], Richard McNinch Son [],

    Neil McNinch Son [], Isabella N McNinch Dau. [b~1875] [all 6 b.Scotland]

    William McNinch Head [], Mary McNinch Wife [b~1858] [both b.Scotland]

Ayrshire, West Kilbride: James McNinch [Head?] [] b.Ireland,

    Margaret McNinch Dau. [], Christina McNinch Granddaughter [],

    Mary McNinch [] Scholar, Martha McNinch Granddaughter [],

    Robert McN. Grandson [b~1877], Mary McN. Granddau. [b~1880] [six b.Scotland]

    James McNinch Head [] b.Ireland

Bute, Cumbrae: Jas McNinch Lodger [] b.Ireland

Lanarkshire, Glasgow Barony: Sarah McNinch Head [] b.Ayrshire

    Neil McNinch Head [], Georgina McNinch Wife [b~1854] [all 3 b.Scotland]

Lanarkshire, Glasgow Hutchesontown: John McNinch Head [],

    Martha McNinch Wife [], Thomas McNinch Son [],

    John McNinch Son [], James McNinch Son [],

    Alexander McNinch Son [] [all six b.Scotland]

Renfrewshire, Port Glasgow: James McNinch Head [] b.Ireland,

    Elijah McNinch Wife [] b.Ireland, William McNinch Son [],

    James McNinch Son [b~1856], Elizah McNinch Dau. [b~1858] [3 children b.Scotland]

    [these two (Charles and Sarah) were indexed McAninch in both 1851 and 1871]

    Charles McNinch Head [] b.Ireland

    Sarah McNinch Wife [] b.Ireland

Renfrewshire, Paisley Abbey: James McNinch Head [],

    Sarah McNinch Wife [], James McNinch Son [] [all 3 b.Scotland]

Sutherland, Dornoch: Mungo McNinch Lodger [] b.Ayrshire, Scotland


McA/I/Ninch in 1881 to 1911 England / Ireland / Scotland Census Records: pg.2017-21

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