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Michigan: 1836 – John McNinch appears in the list of 584 names on 1836 Mixed-Blood census.

“1836 Mixed Blood Census”, posted by Larry Wyckoff, Michigan Queries, <ancestry.com>


Mississippi: 1850’s -- McAninch Family Cemetery, in DeSoto County; surveyed and reported --

“McAninch Family Cemetery ... Range 7 W, Township 4 S, Section 9.

Property deeded by Dr. J. K. Love (one acre) for cemetery in 1856.


Dalehite, Arabella McAninch


w/o R. P. Dalehite [dau. of Wm. & Maria]


[Dalehite], Mary A.


w/o James L. [Dalehite]


[Dalehite], James L.




Coleman, Lee Abner


s/o J. M. & Josephine

“Note: There appear to be 14 or 15 additional graves,

but there are no markers and their names are unknown. Two known burials unmarked are:


Dalehite, Rufus P.

h/o Arabella M. Dalehite [Arabella McA; no dates for Rufus]


Coleman, Josephine Driver

w/o Lee Abner Coleman

“Miller Family now own the property (1983)” [Erastus G. McA. Married(2nd) Mary Jane Miller]

DeSoto Cemetery Inscriptions, J.B. Bell, Mildred M. Scott, Genealogical Society of DeSoto Co.


Missouri: 1893 – “McAninch, Samuel, SA-4463 MO 29 May 1893, Osage War Srv MO Vols”

[SA, Survivor’s Application]; Index to Indian Wars Pension Files 1892-1926, Volume II: L-Z,

transcribed by Virgil D. White, 1987, National Historical Pub. Co., Waynesboro TN., pg. 953.

[Osage War, Autumn 1837, south-western Missouri (then Greene County, now Jasper County)]


Pennsylvania: In March, 1828, Lavinia McAninch, daughter of John McAninch, married

William Fish [not Fisher] [Abstracts from the Kittaning Gazette, 1825 to 1828, Candy Livengood,

#580]. Then, in 1835


Lavina Fish, by her father & next friend John McAninch, vs William Fish.

No.25, December Term, 1834. Alias Subpeona for Divorce a vinculi matrimonii.

Sheriff returns that the defendant cannot be found in this county.

TO WILLIAM FISH, the defendant above named -- You are hereby notified and required to be

and appear at the Court of Common Pleas to be holden for the county of Armstrong, on Friday

the twentieth day of March next, to answer to the complaint of the said Lavina Fish, for a divorce

from the bonds of matrimony. / CHAMBERS ORR, Sheriff. Kittanning, 25 February 1835.

From the Armstrong Co. Genealogy Club Quarterly, Winter 1999, Armstrong County Newspaper

Excerpts, “Armstrong Democrat & Farmers & Mechanics Advertiser”; reported by Fred Brients.


South Carolina:  Revolutionary War – excellent article about Ulster Scot / Scotch-Irish

immigrants in the “back country” (at the southern end of the Great Wagon Road), and their role

in our war of Independence (Kings Mountain, Cowpens, Hanging Rock, and Huck’s Defeat),

can be found on York County, S.C. web site, “The 1780 Presbyterian Rebellion and the

Battle of Huck’s Defeat”, by Sam Thomas, Curator of History, Culture & Heritage Commission

of York County, online at <http://www.yorkcounty.org/brattonsville/1780-Huck.html>


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