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Volume VIII, Number 4, October 13, 2000.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

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Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent letters (by States)

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(California, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New York,


and Ulster (County Antrim) to Scotland to Canada)




Commonwealth War Graves Commission, United Kingdom (W. W. I and II)

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Matthew McNinch Letter, circa 1861, with introduction by Robert McNinch

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The Editor’s Corner


Cover date is the last Friday the 13th of the Second Millenium (it’s lucky, my birthday is June 13th).


From the Dictionary: “Fri’day, noun [AS. frigedaeg, from Frigu, the goddess of marriage; friqu, love, + daeg, day; cf. Icel(andic), Frigg, name of a goddess, wife of Odin or Wodan, OHG (Old High German) Fria + tag, day, Icel. [and Old Norse] Friadagr. AS. frigu is prob. from the root of E. friend]; Webster’s Dictionary, 1913, pg. 596, <>.


The Third Millennium and the 21st Century will begin at the same time, midnight, January 1st, 2001. In the Gregorian Calendar, which we use, there is no year zero, and the sequence of years near the start runs …3BC, 2BC, 1BC, 1AD, 2AD, ... The first year of the calendar ends at the end of the year 1 AD. Since 2000 AD is the 2,000th year of the Christian calendar, it is the last year of the Second Millennium. Authorities: U.S. Naval Observatory, <>, and the home of GMT (UTC), Royal Observatory Greenwich, <>.


And we close with a great old letter, by Matthew McNinch (1784-1867), tells of his family, and their travels through Pennsylvania and upstate New York wilderness (western New York, real upstate, not just up the river in the Catskills). Matthew “came to Conesus with his family at age eighteen”, and “had lived in Conesus fifty-seven years at the time he wrote his statement”, so, this letter was probably written circa 1860‑1861. Don’t you wish that more of our ancestors had written letters like this!


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