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Kentucky: In 1822, Daniel J. McAninch [b. Abt.1796, Lincoln Co., KY, son of Daniel McAninch], married Dorcas Burks [b. 25 Dec.1800, KY], over in adjoining Mercer County (before Boyle Co. set off from Mercer in 1842), with George Burks as bondsman/surety/witness, multiple sources --

1. a. “Daniel McAnnich [sic], to Dorcas Burks, with George Burks as surety, January 8, 1822”, in the Marriage Register, and

b. “January 8, 1822 David [sic] McAnnich, [to] Dorcas Burks”, in “Mercer County Ken. Records, Vol.II, Marriage Register (1786-1875)” [by] Michael L. Cook and Bettie Anne Cummings Cook, 1988, pg. 216, 441;

2. “McAnnich [sic], Daniel, and Dorcus [sic] Burks, January 8, 1822;

Bondsman: George Burks, certifies bride’s age is twenty-one years”,

Marriage Bonds and Consents 1811-1830, Mercer County, Kentucky, by Alma Ison and Rebecca Conover, Nov. 1973, re-pub Mercer County P.L.

3. and “McGumrick [sic], Daniel [to] Dircas [sic] Burks, 8 Jan 1822”,

Mercer County Marriage Records 1786-1830, Robert and Phyllis Selby.


Kentucky: 1824-1826, Mercer County Tax Books [nothing 1822-23, 1827-29]

1824: “McAnish, Daniel, no land, 1 White Male > 21, 3 horses & mares,

 $100 total value, [militia] Captain ___ [blank]” [pg.39, no.15],

1825: “McIninch, Daniel, no land, 1 White Male > 21, 3 horses & mares,

 $150 total value, [militia] Captain Hobman”, [pg.39,no.24], and

1826: “McIninch, Dan’l, no land, 1 White Male > 21, 3 horses & mares,

 $100 total value, [militia] Captain Hobman” [pg.37,no.40].


Maryland: “Archi McAnnis”, 1747, listed in “Scottish Rebels Transported To Maryland, 1747”, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 6(2):137-8, June 1975. He is also shown, with no additional information in “Lists of Scottish Rebel Prisoners Transported to America in the Aftermath of Culloden -- 1746”, in the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal 6(2):78-94, May 1980; found by Lillian McAninch, of Oak Lawn, Illinois.


New England: “Daniel MacNith”, 1652, in Dobson’s “Directory of Scottish Settlers in America, 1625-1825”, vol. 5, pg. 210, as “Royalist soldier captured at Worcester, transported from Gravesend, Kent, to Boston, New  England, on the [ship] John & Sarah, master John Greene, 13 May 1652”; found by Lillian (cf. McAninch F.H.NL, Vol. II No. 4, Dec. 1994, pg. 5: ...Daniell Macknith, Semell Mackneth, Neile Macketh, Patricke Macknith, Daniell Macknith [2nd listing], James Mackreith, David Macketh, ...; in Passengers To America, Michael Tepper Ed., p. 148, Gen. Pub. Co, 1980).


New England: McAnnis, John, Boston, Mass; from Ireland, 1719; m.__, four children. Cullen “Irish in Boston” p.51, Filby P&ILI 1983 supp. p.543.


Ontario: “The 1861 census shows Robert McIninch, 69, birthplace Ireland.

Others shown are his wife Elizabeth, 68; Mary Ann, 12, Elizabeth, 10, Patrick, 27.

The family lived in a one-story log house on 200 acres with 4 horses, 4 cows, 7 sheep, and 6 pigs”, and “The 1871 census shows Robert McIninch, 78, Elizabeth, 78, Robert, 30, Patrick, 28 [sic], and John, 25. Robert McIninch lived on 50 acres in Rawdon Twp, Hastings County, at Concession 3, Lot 7. [they] were near neighbors of Thomas and Ellen (McIninch) McGrotty. [and they] had 1 house, 1 barn, 2 carts, 1 plough, and 1 fanning mill. Of the 50 acres, 30 acres were improved, 4 were for pasture, and 2 acres for wheat (20 bushels of spring wheat). Other crops included barley, 10 bushels of rye, 40 bushels of peas, 50 bushels of potatoes (one acre), and two tonnes of hay (four acres).”

research by Esther Crowley Lively, 577 I St., Cresecent City, CA 95531.


McAninch Family History NL, Vol. III, No. 4, December 1995 pg.2     page 1995-34


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