Two McIninch's from Ulster,

and Emigration to Canada and the United States


John McIninch [by Charles Bernard MacIninch, Trumbull, Conn., in 1908]

"Our early history informs us that, from the days of Oliver Cromwell, who governed England from 1653 to 1658, there was an influx of Scottish families to Ulster in northern Ireland. This migration continued intermittently throughout the seventeenth century. [the earliest] John McIninch was one of those included in the exodus. The date of which is obscure, but he settled in Coleraine, County of [London] Derry, Ulster. To whom he married is vague, but John Junior was born circa 1790.

At an early age John Junior decided to seek his future in Canada, so he embarked for the New World. During the voyage he became acquainted with a very beautiful lady by the name of Mary Jane McKie from Bandon, County of Cork. They fell in love and, upon landing at Halifax, Nova Scotia, they were married. They finally settled at Sackville, Province of New Brunswick.

I [Charles Bernard MacIninch] could only trace the birth of one child, John the Third, born in 1811, and who married Jane Elizabeth Armstrong, the daughter of Amy Ballou Armstrong.

The [John and Jane Elizabeth Armstrong] McIninch's had three children born in Sackville [New Brunswick] -- Margaret, born in 1845, died in 1872; John [the fourth], born in 1846, died in 1920; and Samuel, born in 1850, died in 1900.

John and Jane then exchanged their property in the town of Sackville with Captain Dunn of St. Stephen, County of Charlotte, New Brunswick.

The information ... regarding ... McIninch ancestry is to my knowledge absolutely correct. The facts were handed down to me by my grandmother, Jane Elizabeth Armstrong McIninch, whose mother was Amy Ballou Armstrong, [and by] my father Charles Edward McIninch and my mother May Emma Atkinson McIninch.

The original spelling of the name McIninch was as here written, but my mother had the name changed by adding the letter 'a' between the 'M' and the 'c', so that the name was written as MacIninch. She decided that "Mac" sounded more Scotch-like. ...

I [Charles Bernard MacIninch] am the last one to bear the name with the spelling "Mac", therefore in the future the name will revert back to "Mc", as is now born by the descendants of Aubrey, whose father was Samuel [McIninch]. We are a branch of the MacInnes Clan."

Received from Kathy McAninch, Houston


and H. McIninch [ancestor of Esther Cowley Lively, Cresecent City, CA]

 sp- Elizabeth Brooks - Mar. Ulster, Ireland [Est.1820-1830(?) /fm]

 2 - Robert McIninch - Died 15 Oct 1904, WA; Buried La Center, WA

 2 - Ellen Jane McIninch - b.20 Mar 1836 near Belfast, Ulster, Ireland

   Lived in Ulster, Canda, North Dakota (3 years), and La Center, WA

   Died 18 Oct 1910, Ridgefield, WA; Bur Mt. Zion Cem, La Center, WA

 sp- Thomas W. McGrotty - b.21 Oct 1831, near Belfast, Ulster, Ireland

   Mar. in Canada; Died 15 Jul 1920 Ridgefield WA; Bur. La Center WA

   3 - James McGrotty - Born in Canada; Mar. Margaret _____

   3 - Robert John McGrotty - Born 5 Nov 1861 in Canada

     Died - Medford, Jackson, OR; Bur. Siskiyou Mem. Cem., Medford

   3 - Susan McGrotty - Born in Canada; Mar. Theodore Perry

   3 - Thomas W. McGrotty - Born Canada; Mar. Martha E. Kelly, 1891

   3 - Hester Ann McGrotty - Born 8 May 1867 in Canada

     Died 31 Aug 1931 Portland, Multnomah, OR; Bur. La Center, WA

   sp- Daniel Nelson Cowley - Mar. 1 Jan 1900 Woodland, Washington

Esther --> 4 - Lloyd Llewellyn Cowley, and daughter: 5 - Esther Cowley

   3 - Henry McGrotty - Born in Canada; Mar. Ella Jennings

   3 - William McGrotty - Born in Canada; Mar. Elizabeth Strong 1903


McAninch Family History NL, Vol. III, No. 3, August 1995 pg.11    page 1995-32


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