John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee (?) [Tennessee research and

notes by Kathy McAninch, Houston, combined with my Kentucky data /Frank]


This article presents the known facts about "John McAninch" individuals (one or more) in Kentucky and Tennessee, and states my current hypothesis that this is the same family, which moved from Casey County, Kentucky, southwest to Giles County, Tennessee. Kathy McAninch, Houston, contributed the Tennessee notes and research, but the speculations below are solely my responsibility.


Kentucky land grant records and county tax books establish that Daniel McAninch was in the same small part of Kentucky (originally Lincoln Co., now part of Casey County, formed 1807) from 1799 through (at least) 1817. This (earliest) Daniel (O.?) McAninch had four five (known) sons --

1. John McAninch, b.Abt.1780 [the subject of this article]

2. Samuel McAninch, b.Feb.1789; m. Polly Skidmore, went to Indiana

3. George A. McAninch, b.Abt.1794; m. Eliz. Ross, stayed in Casey Co.

4. Daniel J. McAninch, b.Abt.1796; m. Dorcas (__) and went to Indiana

5. young son, b.1802-1804, on 1810 and 1820 census [added April 1999 /fm]


For reference, there was one other McAninch family in the same area --

William McAninch, b. Bef.1765, wife Laodieca Rawson, and five known sons:

1. James McAninch b.Bef.1789 and

2. Jonathan McAninch b.1789

3. William D. McAninch b.Abt.1805

4. Samuel McAninch b.Apr.1807

5. Jesse McAninch b.Aft.1807


John McAninch himself first appears in Lincoln Co. Tax Records in 1801, as 1 White Male over 21, no White Males 16-21, and 2 Horses [Bk.3, p.24]. In 1799 and 1800, Daniel had 1 White Male 16-21, but none in 1801; thus,


John turned 21 in 1800-1801, and his DOB is estimated "John b. Abt.1780". That same year, on October 7, 1801, John McAninch married Patsy Cooper, about whom nothing else is known yet; married by Thomas Hill, the record is found just across the county line in the next county, Pulaski County, Kentucky.


John McAninch is listed in Lincoln County Tax Records in the five years 1801-1805, inclusive; in 1803 [Book 3, pg. 16, no. 9] he is listed on 200 acres, watercourse "Fishing Creek", 1 White Male over 21, and 2 horses; the 200 acres was "Entered" by John McAninch, which means that he was the original claimant to that land, recorded by Lincoln County Commissioners.


In the Lincoln County Court Records, Dec. 10, 1804 [original, pg. 225], "John McInnich [sic] relinquishes his claim to 200 acres of vacant land for which he had claimed a certificate." Indeed, in the 1805 Lincoln Co. Tax Book, John is shown with no land, 1 White Male over 21, and 2 horses.


The Casey County Tax Records start in 1808, and John is listed in 1808 and 1809, on 223 acres of land first entered by Frederick Potts. John does not appear in the Casey County records again, and the land entered by Frederick Potts does not appear again in connection with "McAninch".


By 1810, John and Patsy had started a family, and the Census found them living in Casey County, Kentucky:

McIninch, John 2 0 1 0 0 - 2 0 1 0 0 - 0 0

[and father Daniel also: McIninch, Daniel 1 1 2 0 1 - 2 2 0 1 1 - 0 0].

There were 6 people in the John McAninch household, probable composition:

1810: 1 M adult 16-26 b.1784-1794 [John, (?29) head of household]

 1 F adult 16-26 b.1784-1794 [John's wife, Patsy (Cooper)]

 2 M child 0-10 b.1800-1810 [2 sons]

 2 F child 0-10 b.1800-1810 [2 daughters]


McAninch Family History NL, Vol. III, No. 2, May 1995, pg. 7     page 1995-16


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