The McAninch Family History Newsletter started in the spring of 1993, when I had received a lot of new information, and wanted to pass it on to the whole group of McAninch genealogical researchers.


Individual newsletters have been consolidated into the ‘One-Year’ editions presented here; for example, Volume X (ten), 2002, includes the tenth year (four issues); note that some articles may include ‘updated’ or ‘forward’ references, to related articles in subsequent issues, and will be clearly marked [e.g. “notes added Feb. 2002 /fm”].


The tenth year of the Newsletter, 2002, was the seventh year that the Newsletter was composed and set in Microsoft Word, first Office ’97, now Office 2002, in a proportional type font (Times New Roman). This was also the sixth year that the individual pages of the Newsletter issues were numbered consecutively through the entire year, pages 1 to 32, in the original editions, with the year “2002” in the original “Footer” lines, e.g. “page 2002-14”, ready for consolidation.


The first page of each consolidated edition, which presents the complete Table of Contents for that year, is designated as page -00. [e.g. “pg.2002-00”].


The original content of the individual issues has been faithfully reproduced in the consolidated editions, with only minor annotations and corrections, noted [and initialed] at each point in the text.


Only minor annotations and corrections have been allowed in the text, as noted at each instance. Minor formatting and spelling corrections may have been made, but no changes have been made in names and dates. For editorial consistency, Newsletter style has always used square brackets ‘[’]’s around added punctuation or editorial comments, since parentheses ‘(’)’s often occur in original documents.


For the minor changes in the content of this consolidated edition, the following two standards apply

1. overstrike (strikethrough) has been used to mark known errors, and more-recent info added,

2. additional information has been added inside ‘[’]’s, e.g. “[Jan. 2002 /fm]” or “[2002/fm]”.


From the beginning, the copyright policy has always been “... copy freely for any non-commercial purpose”, except for material already copyrighted by other authors, used by permission, or fair use extract or quotation.


Copyright Notice:

The contents of this Newsletter are copyright by Frank McAninch, and by other authors and publishers, as specified and acknowledged within this Newsletter, and content attributed to another person or organization remains the copyrighted material of the original author(s).

Unless otherwise stated, you are hereby granted permission to re-distribute articles written by Frank McAninch, strictly for non-commercial purposes; however, you may not copy or re-distribute material attributed to another person or organization without permission from that person or organization.

Please include the following words with any articles you re-distribute:

“The following article is from the McAninch Family History Newsletter and is copyright 2002 (or 1993… 2003) by Frank McAninch. It is re-published here with the permission of the author.”