Battle of the Boyne, west of Drogheda, on the east coast, north of Dublin; William III

(William of Orange, William and Mary, Protestant) defeated King James II (Catholic)


There are no McA/I/Ninch names in Historical Notices of Old Belfast and Vicinity -


historical info; Timber, 1608; Chichester letters re the Plantations; O'Mellan's narrative,

wars of 1641; ships (to America) . . .from Belfast, 1773 (13 ships, dates, destinations),

from Newry (8 ships), from Londonderry (14 ships), and from Larne (2 ships);

(a large 28Mb pdf file) online at  https://archive.org/stream/historicalnotice00youn

Historical Notices of Old Belfast and its Vicinity, by Young, Robert Magill, pub. 1896,

Marcus Ward & Co., Limited, Royal Ulster Works, Belfast (ISBN 9783744789042)


The "Fencibles of Argyll 1692" militia list has a John McInich (sp?) from "Craigmuriel"

(Craig Murrail, Argyll (Argyll and Bute), Scotland). Typed "Mc Inlich" in the book,

but who knows what the original handwriting said when Duncan MacTavish transcribed

the list in 1935. There are many 'phonetic match' candidates in the book - 'Mc Anash's,

'Mc Cananich's, 'Mc Kynich', 'Mc Innish', 'Mc Cannach', 'Mc Connachy', 'Mc Kennich',

and others, any of which could have been an original 'M(a/ac)(An/In/N)in(ch/sh)' name.

The Commons of Argyll: name-lists of 1685 and 1692 book by Duncan C. MacTavish,

pub. 1935, by J.M.S. Annan, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland; OCLC No. 4630901;

". . . names . . . taken from the records of the Sheriff court of Argyll preserved in the

Court-house at Inveraray". Available online, Clan MacTavish  https://clanmactavish.org/ 



Ulster Scots emigrations to North America, see "Ulster: 1718 Emigration" "The city of


Derry was the emigration port . . ." no McA/I/Ninch names; MFHN v.IV n.1 Feb.1996

p.1996-02  https://www.mcaninch.net/Newsletter/mfn04y96/m04p02w6.htm


No McA/I/Nin(ch/sh) in "Ireland, Catholic Qualification & Convert Rolls, 1701-1845"


database at FamilySearch.org


Religious Census of Barony Cary, two McA/I/N~ men / Townland / Barony / County

McNinch Archd.  Terr Tenant (*)   (Religion) D (**)   Clegnagh   Cary   Antrim   pg.37

McNinch Patk.     Terr Tenant (*)   (Religion) D (**)   Clegnagh   Cary   Antrim   pg.37

(*) a regular Tenant, not a Chief Tenant, and not a Freehold Tenant

(**) 'C' Church of Ireland, 'D' Scots or Dissenter or Presbyterian, 'P' Papist (Catholic)

[1] "1734 Religious census of Barony Cary / Ulster Genealogy and Local History Blog",

November 25, 2017 http://www.ulstergenealogyandlocalhistoryblog.com/   


[2] "1734 Religious Census for the Parish of Ballintoy (sorted Surname and Townland)"



There are no McA/I/Ninch’s living in Ballymoney, County Antrim, in 1734, according

to the "List of Leaseholders/Tenants to accompany 1734 Ballymoney Map”, online at



Updates: More McA/I/Ninch Events, 1600s to 1900s in (northern) Ireland / June 2022

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