In 1820, Daniel McAninch and his family (wife? and two young children) are in Pulaski

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Samuel McAninch did NOT marry Catherine Carter, MFHN v.II n.3 Aug.1994

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Samuel McAninch married (Mary) Polly Skidmore, 5 July 1813, in Lincoln County,

Kentucky. Polly is the daughter of Joseph Skidmore, a Virginia Line veteran of the

Revolutionary War, and Hannah (McKinney) Skidmore. MFHN v.XI.n.2 April 2003

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(and) "Jesse, or Isaac, or Joseph?" Jesse McAninch, born 1810-1813, Casey County,

Kentucky, youngest son of William McAninch (who died 1813, Casey Co.) . . .

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‘William, b.1804-1805, married (1?) (unknown) Brown (?), before 1825 (probably

in Giles County, Tenn.), married (2) Maria Starr (prob. Shelby Co., Tenn.), moved

to DeSoto County, Mississippi, bef. 1837’ in "McAninch for the Confederacy, Eight

Who Fought for Southern Independence", MFHN v.X n.1 January 2002 p.2002-03,



‘Tennessee (especially Giles County), to Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas’

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