"Daniel McAninch (McNench, McNeneh) 1776 Marriage, Cumberland County, Penn."

Daniel McAninch, 1776 Marriage, Cumberland Co., MFHN v.XXVII n.2 July 2019

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Daniel McAninch, aka Daniel (J.?) McAninch, born ca.1796, Tennessee? Kentucky?

a. 1822 Marriage, Mercer County, Kentucky, MFHN v.III n.4 Dec. 1995 p.1995-34


b. 1880 Census, Marion Twp., Putnam Co., MFHN v.X n.4 October 2002 p.2002-27




"McA/I/Ninch in the First Census of the United States" MFHN v.IV n.1 February 1996

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and "Daniel McAninch, Westmoreland County, Washington Township, 1790 Census"

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"John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee", MFHN v.III n.2 May 1995 p.1995-16




see "Daniel McAninch 1770s to 1790, Pennsylvania", [6] above, and article note [9],

Samuel McAninch’s DOB calculations based on census, death, and cemetery records




"McAninch, Daniel, Lincoln Co., 8/16/1800", page 179 in the book Second Census of

  Kentucky, 1800, by G. Glenn Clift, pub. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1976 (1954)

  Note: the Federal census records from 1800 Kentucky were lost in a fire during the

  War of 1812 (when the British burned the White House in Washington, D.C.).

"Daniel (or David?) McA/Ninch, early western Pennsylvania (second generation?)"

  MFHN v.XXI n.2 Apr. 2013 p.2013-15




Daniel McAninch's household listed 11 people in the 1810 census, in Casey County,

Kentucky, MFHN v.III n.2 May 1995 p.1995-17b


Samuel and his daughter Sarah ‘Sally’ were counted twice in 1810, once with Daniel,

and "Mc -- nch (sic), Samuel 0 0 1 0 0 - 1 0 0 0 0 - 0 0", male 16-26 (Samuel, ~21), and

1 female under 10 (Sarah 'Sally', b.1810?, census taken after his first wife died?), Casey

County, Kentucky, NARA M252 Roll 9 pg.40 35th line (mis-indexed 'McMinch'?) [23]


Daniel McAninch and Families in Kentucky: Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction [23]

McAninch Family History NL v.XXIX n.2  / Copyright Frank McAninch / pg.2021-24


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