Daniel McAninch probably died ca.1822, in his early 70s, in Giles County, Tennessee

Daniel McAninch and many of his children were living in Giles County, and it is likely

that Daniel McAninch probably died there in the early 1820s (estimated death ca.1822).

There are no known records for a specific date and place of his death, and there are no

known records of Daniel McAninch’s burial, only the presumption that he would have

been buried soon after his death, and that he would have been buried by his family

where they had been living, in Giles County, Tennessee.


Bert Austin said "Death ca.1818 Casey Co., Ky" (ca.1818 may be the time when

Daniel left Casey County), but we know that Daniel died after 1820 [3, pg.19] [16].


Daniel was NOT buried in Old Willow Springs Cemetery, Casey County, Kentucky.


However, there is no evidence for the specific assumption that “Daniel McAninch died

in 1822 in Tennessee when he was 71 years old” Again, any software or online tree that.

requires a single specific birth year (e.g. ancestry.com et al) will always be misleading.


In the 20th Century


The Men, Women, Events, Institutions & Lore of Casey County, Kentucky book

Errors and omissions, 'McAninch Tree', "Jerry McAninch had three sons", etc. [22]


(the ‘Three Brothers’ tale) ". . . one went north, one went south, and one went west . . .”



"Genealogy of The McAninch Family" (1946) "Shortly after the Revolutionary War,

a young Irishman living in North Ireland by the name of MacAninch or McAninch . . . "



"Family history . . . states that Daniel McAninch and an unknown brother came to

America together. When they arrived at Ellis Island . . ." (Ellis Island open 1892-1952)


Actual evidence shows that these ‘tall tales’ are all false, see

‘Our Surnames, Migration Myths, Dubious Sources’, MFHN v.XXVIII n.2 p.2020-19


(and) ‘Apochryphal Fiction . . . :Ellis Island . . .’, MFHN v.VII n.4 Oct. 1999 p.1999-26



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