The 'four sons' myth (continued)

4 sons

  "4. William . . . possibly went back to Tennessee. He also had land in Casey"

(Analysis) Pennsylvania first, then Virginia, Tennessee, and into Kentucky [5] [6].

We know that Daniel had (at least) five sons, and (at least) two daughters.

[1] George A. McAninch,, in Virginia (en-route to Tennessee and Kentucky),

    married Mary Elizabeth Ross, 27 Feb. 1817, Casey County, Kentucky, and remained

    in Casey County, the founding family for all of the McAninch’s in Kentucky today;

[2] John McAninch,, went south to Giles County, Tennessee [12];

[3] Jesse McAninch (Jesse, not James, and not Isaac), born ca.1812, the youngest son

    of William McAninch; Jesse mar. Jane D. Staats, and they went to Illinois [4] [19];

[4] William McAninch, 1804-1805, second son of the elder William McAninch,

    went to Giles County, Tennessee, and west to DeSoto County, Mississippi [4] [20].


“Daniel McAninch . . . married Mary Smith and they had one son together. He also had


four sons from another relationship”. Found online; appears to confuse father and son

(the two Daniel McAninch’s), and confusion with the children of the younger Daniel,

who married Dorcas Burks, and they had four sons [see “Burks” “Myth” above] [10]


"David Mcannch b.1773" and "Mrs. David McAnnch b.1774" are NOT Peggy’s parents


In 1820, Daniel McAninch and his family are living in Giles County, Tennessee, and

many of his children and extended family were also living in Giles County [16] [21]

a. Daniel McAninch, 4 people, male and female adults over 45 (Daniel and ?wife),

    male 16-18 (b.1802-1804), female 10-15 (b.1805-1810) (youngest son, daughter?);

b. John McAninch, Daniels' oldest son, 9 people (John ~41, wife Patsy (Cooper) ~43,

    3 sons and 4 daughters) (on the same census page as John's father Daniel) [12];

c. John White, 4 people (John, his wife Peggy (McAninch), son Henry, dau. Mahala);

d. Peter Robinson, 4 people (Peter, wife Rhoda (McAninch), young son and daughter).

Note: Daniel’s other sons (Samuel, George A., Daniel) were still in Kentucky in 1820.

And three of William McAninch’ sons also went through Giles County, Tenn. [4] [21]

e. James (b.c.1786, poss. Pennsylvania), last seen on the 1812 and 1817 Tax Lists;


. . . . Forward Reference: James McAninch, MFHN v.XXX n.2 p.12 (Nov. 2022 /fm)

f. William (b.1804-1805, Lincoln County), to Giles County, then DeSoto County, Miss.;

g. Samuel (b.1807, Lincoln County), mar. Margaret Myers, 1828, and went to Missouri.


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