Samuel McAninch, son of Daniel, married (2nd?) (Mary) Polly Skidmore, 5 July 1813,

in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Joseph Skidmore gave "consent" for his daughter, and

Thomas E. Jones "made oath that Polly was over 21 years of age" [6] [17] [18].


Daniel McAninch and his wife had (at least) five sons, and (at least) two daughters:


1. John McAninch, b.ca.1778-1780 in Pennsylvania, married Patsy Cooper, 7 Oct. 1801,

    in Pulaski County, Kentucky, and they went south to Giles County, Tennessee [12];

2. Samuel McAninch, b.ca.5 Feb. 1789, Pennsylvania, married (Mary) Polly Skidmore,

    5 July 1813, Lincoln County, Kentucky, and they went to Hendricks County, Indiana;

3. George A. McAninch, b.ca.1794, in Virginia (traveling), married Mary Elizabeth

    Ross, 27 Feb. 1817, Casey County, Kentucky, and they remained in Casey County;

4. Daniel McAninch, (Jr.?), b.1796-1798 (Virginia? Tenn.? Kentucky?), mar. Dorcas

    Burks, 8 Jan. 1822, Mercer Co., Kentucky, and they went to Putnam County, Indiana;

5. Peggy McAninch, est. b.1790-1798 (Virginia? Tenn.? Kentucky?), mar. John White,

    Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1814, and went to Giles County, Tennessee, before 1820;

6. fifth son, (?)Henry McAninch, b.1802-1804, Kentucky (prob. Lincoln Co.); went to

    Giles County, Tenn., with his father, (the elder) Daniel, and his older brother, John;

7. Rhoda McAninch, est. b.1794-1800 (Virginia? Tenn.? Kentucky?), mar. Peter

    Robinson, Casey County, 1817, and went to Giles County, Tennessee, before 1820;

8. poss. ‘youngest daughter’, (?) Mary, b.1805-1810, on two census records [15] [16]

    (is this Mary McAninch who married Jordan Whitley, 1820, prob. Giles Co. Tenn.?)

11 Ch?

Bert Austin said (in the1980s) "Daniel O. McAninch, tradition has it, was the father

of 11 children, I have only found 6" [3]. Re his “11 children”, only eight children can

be deduced from the census records, including a fifth son (poss. Henry?) and a probable

‘youngest daughter’ (poss. Mary?) that can be inferred from census records (of course,

additional children who died young may not appear in any of Daniel’s census counts).


The 'four sons' myth, on a four-page "McAninch Family History" document

4 sons

(there is no date on the document, no author's name, and no sources referenced):

"The McAninch name comes from Ireland and the Ross name from Scotland.

  They first settled in Virginia and later came to Kentucky . .. He came to the US

  around 1774-1776 and through the Cumberland Gap 1795-1799 . . ."

  "Daniel McAninch had 4 boys and we do not know of daughters." . . .

  "1. George McAninch married (1) Mary Elizabeth Ross; (2) Lucy Robinson"

  "2. John" and "3. James" "These two boys went to Indiana and Illinois"   (continued)


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