Daniel McAninch and his family are in Kentucky in both 1800 and 1810 census records.

Daniel did NOT go back east to Pennsylvania for the 1800 nor 1810 censuses [14] [15].


In 1800, Daniel was NOT “Age 49 Residence / Buffalo, Armstrong, Pennsylvania”,

and Daniel did NOT go back east to Pennsylvania for the 1810 census either [14] [15].


Daniel McAninch’s youngest son, born 1802-1804 (Henry? James? name unknown),


and his youngest daughter, b.1805-1810 (Mary? name unknown), were both born in

Kentucky (probably Lincoln County), and these ‘youngest son’ and ‘youngest daughter’

can be found among the children on both of the 1810 and 1820 census records [15] [16].


Samuel McAninch’s first child, daughter Sarah ‘Sally’ McAninch, was born 1810 in

Casey County, Kentucky. Sally went to Indiana, married George Hancock, 1840, and

they had one child, daughter Samantha Hancock, b.1841, mar. Robert S. McClennan.


Was Samuel McAninch’s first wife named Isabel(la) Doan(e), and was she the mother


of (Sarah) ‘Sally’ McAninch? Did Sarah’s mother die in 1810, possibly in child-birth?

There is no known evidence for any of this, no Doan(e) marriage records, no church

records, no tax records, no census records, and no death records have ever been found .

Some stories say Isabel(la) was born 1787 (or 1792) in Pennsylvania, that she married

Samuel McAninch in 1809 (at age ~17? or age ~22?), and that Isabel(la) died in 1810.

Since Daniel McAninch and his son Samuel McAninch were in Kentucky after 1797,

any and all 1809 or 1810 events must have occurred in Kentucky (NOT Pennsylvania),

although no real documents for Isabel(la) Doan(e) have been found in either state [24].

Isabel(la) was NOT born in Kentucky, and she did NOT die in Pennsylvania. Samuel’s

daughter ‘Sally’ (NOT Samatha) McAninch was born in Kentucky, NOT Pennsylvania.

Sarah (known as ‘Sally’) and Sarah’s daughter Samantha were two different people!


Daniel McAninch and his family are in Casey County, Kentucky, in the 1810 Census.

Samuel McAninch and his daughter Sarah ‘Sally’ are also living in Casey County [15].


Samuel McAninch, son of Daniel McAninch, did NOT marry Catherine Carter [17].


The same Samuel McAninch and Thomas E. Jones were two of the three witnesses to

William McAninch’s Will, written in Feb. 1813 and proven in July 1813 [4].


Daniel McAninch and Families in Kentucky: Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction [23]

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