We do not know when or where Mary Smith was born, and Mary may have been born

in 1856, but Mary was NOT "(born in) Franklin Co., Kentucky", and their marriage

was NOT "in Franklin, Kentucky, on June 11, 1775" (location and date are both wrong;

Kentucky did not become a state until 1792, and then Franklin County, Kentucky, was

formed in 1795, set off from parts of Woodford, Mercer, and Shelby counties) [9].

Of course, it is possible that ‘Mary Smith’ and ‘Betsy ____’ were two different women,

although no other marriage records have ever been found for this Daniel McAninch.

And Daniel McAninch’s wife’s name is NOT "Mary J. M. Ireland" (yet another fable).


Daniel McAninch (born 1748-1752, died ca.1822) did NOT marry Dorcas Burks.


Rather, in the second generation, Daniel’s fourth son, also named Daniel McAninch

(b.ca.1796, Kentucky; d.Aug.1891, Putnam County, Indiana) married Dorcas Burks on

8 Jan. 1822, Mercer County, Kentucky, and they went north to Putnam County, Indiana.

Daniel and Dorcas had 8 (or 9?) children, including four sons: William A. McAninch,

Daniel Harris(on) McAninch, Samuel M. McAninch, and George B. McAninch [10]


John McAninch, Daniel McAninch’s oldest (known) son, was born 1778-1780, almost


certainly in Pennsylvania (Bedford County? or Cumberland County?). John McAninch


would have been 11 or 12 in the 1790 census [11], and John McAninch would have spent

his teen-age years traveling with the family in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky [12].


Samuel McAninch, Daniel’s second son, was born ca.5 February 1789 in Pennsylvania,

probably in Westmoreland County (there is no such place as “Westmoreland City”) [13].


The First Census of the United States, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania [11]


The statement "They first settled in Virginia" is clearly false. Daniel McAninch brought

his family west across Pennsylvania [5] [6] [9] [11]. Daniel McAninch’s first two sons

(John and Samuel) were born in Pennsylvania, then the third son George A. McAninch

was born in Virginia, while the family was traveling west to Tennessee and Kentucky.


Daniel’s son George A. was NOT born in 1795 in Westmoreland City, Pennsylvania.


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