Daniel McAninch’s Date of Birth (DOB) and Birthplace (BP) Myths


There are no records of Daniel’s parents, and no records of Daniel’s birth itself, so,

Daniel’s date of birth (DOB) CANNOT be stated as any specific exact year or place.

Based on the historical evidence available, Daniel’s birth can only be given in ranges

of years, for example, "late 1740’s" [5], "about 1750", "circa 1750 (+/- 2 years)",

"1750-1755" [6], "between 1748 and 1752", or even "late 1740s or early 1750s ".

Daniel’s birth year cannot be determined exactly, and there is no evidence for any

specific single-year assumptions like "born 1750", "born 1751", or "born 1752".

And, of course, any software or online tree that requires one to enter a single specific

birth year (e.g. et al) will always be incorrect and misleading.

Daniel’s Birthplace (BP) has only been recorded as “Ireland” [7]; the specific

assignment to “County Antrim, Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland” was based on

extensive research in (northern) Ireland, as reported in the “Surname” article [8].

When Daniel was born, all of Ireland was still an English Colony, so, the terminology

“(northern) Ireland” is correct, whereas “Northern Ireland” is a 20th century country.

And please note that there is no such place as “Antrim, Antrim, Northern Ireland”.


Bert Austin said Daniel born "ca. 1760" but we know that date is 10 years too late [3]


Bert Austin also wrote (in the 1980s) "Several people who are searching the McAninch

family name have said that brothers, Daniel & William McAninch . . ." [3] [4]

(Analysis) “several people . . . have said” is really just hearsay, and Bert does not cite

any valid genealogical sources; re “brothers”, there is no evidence of that relationship,

the two could be cousins, uncle and nephew, step-brothers, second-cousins, whatever.


Daniel McAninch’s Marriage Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction


Daniel McAninch married Mary Smith on Tuesday, 11 June 1776, by Rev. John King,


pastor of the Conococheague Presbyterian Church, Church Hill, Peters Township,

Cumberland County, Colony of Pennsylvania, just weeks before the revolution. [9]

Bert Austin reported that Daniel married "Betsy ____" (i.e. maiden name unknown).

Daniel married Mary Smith in 1776, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania [9], so,

her given name could have been Mary Elizabeth, known as ‘Betsy’ [3, pg.2020-22]


Daniel McAninch and Families in Kentucky: Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction

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