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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume XXIX (29), Number 2, October, 2021

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  Daniel McAninch and Families in Kentucky: Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction

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      Name: Daniel’s name, and the myth of the middle initial Daniel (O.?)

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      Birth: Daniel McAninch’s Date of Birth (DOB) and Birthplace (BP) Myths

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      Marriage: Daniel McAninch’s Marriage Myths, Fables, Facts and Fiction

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      Family: Daniel had (at least) five sons, and (at least) two daughters

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      Death: Daniel probably died ca.1822, in his early 70s, in Giles Co., Tenn.

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  Daniel McAninch

  Daniel McAninch was born ca.1748-1752, in (northern) Ireland, probably in County Antrim,

  Ulster Province, while Ireland and Pennsylvania were both colonies of the English crown.

  Daniel McAninch is first seen in colonial Pennsylvania, where he married Mary Smith in 1776,

  in Cumberland County, central Pennsylvania. Daniel McAninch and his family followed the

  classic Scots-Irish migration route westward, in Westmoreland County, western Pennsylvania,

  in the 1790 census, with Daniel’s sons John and Samuel, who were both born in Pennsylvania.

  Then, in the early 1790s, Daniel McAninch and his family went down the Great Valley of the

  Shenandoah River and the upper James River, with son George A. McAninch born in Virginia.

  On the route, they stopped in Greene County, eastern Tennessee, for a few years, and Daniel’s

  fourth (known) son Daniel McAninch was probably born in Tennessee (or later, in Kentucky).

  In the late 1790s, both Daniel McAninch and William McAninch took their families north-west

  through the Cumberland Gap and down the new Wilderness Road into southern Kentucky, and

  south-west into Lincoln County (William McAninch in 1797, and Daniel McAninch a year later).

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