Jesse McAninch 1850-1880 census records:

1850: Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois; NARA M432 Roll 108 pg. 84'B' 2

    Jesse MacKinich (sic) 37 b.KY / Jane 36 . . . (mis-indexed "Mackirlsh” / "Mackinish")

1860: Greene County, Illinois, NARA M653 Roll 178 pg.810

    McNinch (sic), Jesse 47 M Day Labor b.Ky / Jane 46 F b.Ky . .

1870: Carrollton Precinct, Greene County, Illinois; NARA M593 Roll 224 p.468

    McAninch, J. 60 M Plasterer b.Kentucky (Jesse McAninch) (his wife Jane d.1869)

1880: Greene County, Illinois; NARA M___ R___ pg.133'B' Line 18

    McAnich (sic), Jesse M 69 Ret. Plast. W (widower) b.Ky father b.Ky mother b.Ky


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"John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee", Daniel McAninch, his oldest son John

(b.1779-1780, Pennsylvania), and other McAninch records (James, William, Samuel)

in Giles County, Tennessee (do not confuse this John McAninch, son of Daniel, with

Johathan McAninch, son of William McAninch, who remained in Casey County into

the 1850s and then went north-west to Missouri); MFHN v.III n.2 May 1995 p.1995-16



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William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

McA. Family. Hist. NL v.XXIX n.1  May 2021  Copyright Frank McAninch  p2021-14

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