Notes and Sources


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There are at least nine different William McAninch's in early Kentucky and Tennessee.

First Generation: two McA/Ninch's from early western Pennsylvania to Kentucky


"Eleven early McA/Ninch's in western Pennsylvania", including "1. First Generation:

Six McA/Ninch’s in early western Pennsylvania", and "2. Second Generation: (at least)

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b. "Descendant Chart, William McAninch of Casey Co., Kentucky, 1790's-to-1813",

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Marriage, Greene County, (eastern) Tennessee: Number "416" "October 7, 1796"

"William McNinch to Doshia Dosey" (the names are written clearly in this record),

images in "Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950" at


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FamilySearch (LDS) film 008114, DGS 7834472 (digitized, can browse images online); > Search > Catalog > film 008209


William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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