Bert Addis Austin wrote "Several people who are searching the McAninch family name

have said that brothers, Daniel & William McAninch, can be found in the 1790 census

of Pennsylvania. That they left Pennsylvania and came to the area of Lincoln and

Pulaski Counties of Kentucky in 1800. They may have been in the 1790 census of Penn.

but evidence indicates they did not come directly to Kentucky as their older children

give their birth place as Virginia. The Pulaski County, Kentucky, Court Land Records

prove that both brothers were in Pulaski County in 1800. They both bought land from

the Court. Now the question is where & how did they enter Kentucky. Through that

part of Virginia that is now West Virginia or did they come through the Cumberland Gap

and up the Wilderness Road into Lincoln and Pulaski Counties?" [29]

(1) “several people . . . have said” is just hearsay, no valid genealogical evidence here;

(2) brothers? Bert gives no evidence for these statements, and the actual relationship

    could be brothers, half-bothers, step-brothers, cousins, uncle and nephew, whatever;

(3) William was not listed on the 1790 census, although he may have been counted with

    Daniel McAninch in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in the 1790 First Census.


And there are still lots of unanswered 'William McAninch' questions:


There are no records of William’s parents, and no records of William’s birth itself


Did William have a ‘first wife’ (possible mother of James, son born before 1786)?


Where was William McAninch in the 1770’s? And during the 1780’s?


Where was William in the 1790 First Census of the U.S.? And during 1790-1795?


Did William and Laodieca/Ladisha (Rawson/Rosson) McAninch have any daughters?


When (what date) and where did William die in early 1813?


Where was William McAninch buried (in 1813)?


What happened to William’s first (known) son James McAninch (born before 1786)?

(James McAninch was last seen in Giles County, Tennessee, before 1830)


William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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