William’s youngest son, Jesse McAninch (Jesse, not Joseph, and not Isaac), was born

in Casey County, Kentucky, with his age confirmed by 1850-1880 census data [24].

Jesse married Jane D. Staats (Staats, not Stotts), on 5 May 1835, in Pulaski County,

Kentucky, and they went north-west to Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois [25].


Jesse was not "born 12 Oct. 1807" (that date was printed in newspaper articles after

his death, however, that date does not match the ages in his adult census records) [24].


Did William and Laodieca/Ladisha (Rawson/Rosson) McAninch have any daughters?


Considering the gaps between the births of the five (known) sons, it is certainly possible.

Back then, female children, if any, were often not named in a will, so it is possible that

they had more children. However, no evidence has been found for any daughter(s).


William McAninch (age at least 48) died in 1813, between February 15 (the date


when his Will was made) and July 26 (the date when the Will was proven in court);

William probably died in Casey County Kentucky, although no specific record of his

death (date and location) nor the location of his burial has survived to this day [26].

When their father William died, son James was about 27 years old, had land in his own

name, and was probably not living at home. However, the younger sons (Jonathan ~14,

William ~9, Samuel ~6, and Jesse, only 1 year) would still have been living at home.


William McAninch’s Will was made on 15 Feb. 1813 and proven "At a County Court


held for Casey County on Monday the 26th day of July 1813". William named his wife

"sole Executor" (curiously,.her name is written three different ways in the court record,

as "Ladosha", "Ladisha", and "Ladieca"). The Will was "proved by the oaths of James

Noonel (Norrell, sp?), Samuel McAninch and Thomas E. Jones subscribing witnesses".

This "Samuel McAninch" is most likely Daniel McAninch's son Samuel, age ~24, and

not William's young son Samuel, who was only 6-8 years old when his father died [26].


After 1810, James went south-west to Giles County, Tennessee, before 1820 [27].


After William had died, his widow married (second) James Harrell (not “Howell”),

1 April 1815, in Pulaski County. James Harrell was a Revolutionary War veteran

who had settled in Pulaski County, and they lived in Somerset, Pulaski County [28].


Eventually, all five of William McAninch’s sons left the area –


a. James, William, and Samuel all went to Giles County, Tennessee [27], then

    James’ records are lost after Giles County (did he go to Mississippi and Arkansas?),

    William McAninch (b.ca.1805) went south-west to DeSoto County, Mississippi [15],

    and Samuel McAninch (b.1806-1807) went north-west to Cass County, Missouri [21];

b. Jonathan McAninch went to Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri [11] [12];

c. and Jesse McAninch went north-west to Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois [25].


William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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