This William, "son of William McAninch and Laodieca Dawson" (sic), was neither

"Husband of Isabel Hopkins" nor "Father of Sylvester McAninch" in Pennsylvania.

That was a different man, William H. McAninch, born in Pennsylvania, 1783-1784,

one of the ‘three brothers’, sons of John McAninch, Armstrong County pioneer [2].


Pulaski County, 19 Mar. 1805, William McAninch was recorded as Surety for the

Marriage Bond for Levi Cooper and Levina Rosson, daughter of Chas. Rosson [19]


November 14, 1806: Casey County set off from the western part of Lincoln County,

named for Colonel William Casey, a pioneer settler who came to Kentucky in 1779.


Son Samuel McAninch was born in Lincoln County (Casey County?), Kentucky, and


the range 1806-1807 can be confirmed by his census records [20]: Samuel McAninch

married Margaret Myers in 1828, Giles County, Tennessee, and they went to Missouri.

An 1883 ‘county history’ book printed a biography article about Samuel McAninch,

additional info and analysis available [21]. Samuel died 30 Sept. 1893, Margaret died

6 Dec. 1893, and both are buried in Myers Lot, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Cass County.


Samuel not born "April 10, 1805", he was "six when his father died" in 1813 [21].


James McAninch appears on the Casey County Tax Lists for the first ten years,


1807-1817, with 50 acres, on the watercourse of "Fishing Creek" [10] (James).


William McAninch appears on the Casey County Tax Lists for the first five years,


1808 through 1812, with the same 143 acres on watercourse "Fishing Creek"; after

William's death in 1813, Laodieca McAninch appears on the 1813 and 1814 tax lists

with the 143 acres on watercourse "Fishing Creek" [10] (William) (Laodieca).


William McAninch and his family are in Casey County, Kentucky, in the 1810 census

"Wm. McIninch 3 1 0 1 1 - 0 0 0 1 1 - 0 0" (6 males, 2 females, 8 people in household,

with 0 ‘other people’ and 0 slaves). William and his wife are the two '45 & over' adults

(male and female, both born before 1765), with their four older sons (James, Jonathan,

William, and Samuel), along with two un-identified young adults age 26-45 [22].


Daniel McAninch and James McAninch were paid witnesses at Casey County Court:

"May the 17th, 1810: John Elliott Plaintiff against Joseph Campbell Defendant"

"Trespass Assault and Battery" (assault by the Defendant) . . . Ordered that (Plaintiff)

"Johnston Elliot pay unto" (witnesses) Daniel McAninch, James McAninch (and four

others) (to pay each) "six shillings and three pence for three days attendance" [23]


Jonathan McAninch appears on the Casey County Tax Lists for 40 years, 1810-1849,


with 200 acres, on the "Fishing Creek" watercourse , 1810-1813, and then 1817-1849,

with 40 acres, on the "Knob Lick" watercourse [10] (Jonathan)


William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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