William McAninch is listed on the June 1797 Tax List in Lincoln County, Kentucky,


as ‘1 White Male over 21’, with ‘3 Horses and Mares’. The Lincoln County tax lists

show that William had just arrived in the area of the “Fishing Creek” watercourse,

since he did not pay Lincoln County taxes in any of the five previous years. William

was also assessed Lincoln County Taxes in 1800, 1802, 1803, 1804, and 1805 [7].


William McAninch owned land along the county line between Lincoln and Pulaski


counties. Three men, William, Daniel, and Daniel’s oldest son John McAninch, are all

neighbors in the same “Fishing Creek” watershed, enumerated in the Lincoln County

Commissioner’s Books for the four years 1802-1805. The three men were often counted

on the same day, and entered on successive lines in the Commissioner’s Books [7].


Son Jonathan McAninch, was born 1799-1800, Lincoln County (or Pulaski County?),


Kentucky. Date and place (Kentucky) confirmed by 1810-1870 census records [11].

Jonathan McAninch married Telitha Turpin, 17 June 1824, Pulaski County, Kentucky,

and they had (at least) 12 children [12]. Jonathan, Telitha, and many of their children

went west to Missouri in the early 1850's. In 1870 Jonathan, Telitha, and four children

are living in Big Creek Township, Cass County, (western) Missouri, and they can be

found there in Pleasant Hill, Cass County, on the 1876 Missouri State Census [13]

Telitha McAninch died 22 June 1890, (Kansas City) Jackson County, Missouri [14].


There is no evidence for Jonathan "born 1793" or "born 1793, Pulaski, Kentucky";

a. his parents were not living in Kentucky in 1793 (his parents were married in 1796,

    in Greene County, Tennessee, before coming to Lincoln County, Kentucky);

b. Pulaski County, Kentucky, was not created until 1799, from Lincoln County, and

c. 'born 1793' would not match Jonathan's ages in multiple census records [11].


The 1800 census schedules for Kentucky were lost in a fire during the War of 1812.

The ‘census substitute’ book shows William McAninch in Pulaski County, July 1800,

and Daniel McAninch in Lincoln County, August 1800 [8].


William also appears on Pulaski County Tax Lists for 1800 and 1802, which may be


duplicate records for land that is already listed in Lincoln County [6] [7] [9].


Son William McAninch was born 1804-1805, Lincoln County, Kentucky, confirmed by


census records for the younger William [15]. The younger William went south-west

to Giles County, Tennessee, and then further west into DeSoto County, Mississippi.

William McAninch (b.ca.1805) died Mar. 1854, DeSoto County, Mississippi, and left

many Probate Court records [16]. Later, his widow Maria (Starr) (Ross) McAninch

was the Postmaster at Loves Station, DeSoto County, Mississippi, 1870 -1875 [17].

Maria (Starr) (Ross) McAninch died 1874, DeSoto County; William (b.ca.1805) and

Maria are probably buried in unmarked graves in McAninch Family Cemetery [18].


William McAninch (born before 1765; died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky)

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